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How to Curl Your Hair with a Flat Iron

Do you know how to curl your hair with a flat iron? If not, pls read the following article which offer you a step wise guide on the procedure to curl hair with a flat iron at home.

Here are a few tips on how to curl your hair:

Things to Remember

When curling hair with flat iron, make sure that the hair that needs to be curled should be completely dry. Although there are some flat irons which claim that they can be used on slightly wet hair, yet for best results, blow dry your hair completely. If you have time, you can let your hair dry naturally as this will prevent any kind of damage to the hair caused by excess heat. Read more on hair care.

The second thing to remember, when you curl your hair with a flat iron is that choose an iron which is very thin. An ideal iron used for curling should be about one inch in width and it should have ceramic plates. Also, when selecting an iron to curl hair, make sure that it has round corners so that curling can be done appropriately.


Step 1 As mentioned above, make your hair completely dry. Next comb the hair properly and remove all the tangles in it.

Step 2 Apply a thermal protector to the hair. In order to curl hair with a flat iron, application of a heat protector is very essential as it helps in minimizing the damage that may be caused to the hair because of the heat of the flat iron.

Step 3 Plug in the flat iron and switch it on. The flat iron needs to be heated to about 400oF, before it can be used for curling. You should consult the manual too, which comes along with the flat iron and heat it in accordance with the temperatures mentioned in it.

Step 4 Once the flat iron is heated up to the appropriate temperature, clamp a small section of your hair, say about two inches, with the flat iron, halfway across the hair. Depending upon the direction you want your hair to be curled in, turn the flat iron about 180o away or towards your scalp. Now, slowly and slowly, pull the flat iron across the hair length till the tips of the hair. Remember to pull the flat iron very slowly as this will help in maintaining the tension on the just formed curl, resulting in tighter and well shaped curls.

Step 5 Once you are done with one section of the hair, take another small, two inches section, and repeat the previous step. Using the same procedure, curl the hair on your entire head.

Step 6 After the curls have been done on the entire hair, use a hairspray, such as aerosol hairspray, on the curled hair. Application of hair spray on the hair will keep the curls intact and in proper shape for a very long time.

All you need to do now is just to do as what i told you, but be care to keep the flat iron at least one inch away from the scalp to prevent any damage.

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Fall Fashion of the Current Days

The summer colors tended toward fun and bright turquoises, pinks, and greens. No matter what color names the designers give them, the trend this year is very much in the gold tones. Burgandy, rust, wine, camel, and dark chocolate brown.

However the two hot colors for fall are purple and green. The green is a continuation of the summer, but warmed up a bit with burnt olives, celeries, and a darker celadon. The trend color of the season is purple and the warmer the purple the better.

The makeup industry very closely mirrors the trends of the fashion industry. The color palettes this fall are golds, peaches and plums. As with anything in color, remember to choose colors that are right for your skin tone.

While green is the fashion color of the minute, it is one of the most difficult colors for most people to wear. One can quickly go from looking vibrant and on top of the game to looking sickly by just wearing the wrong color. Purple is a lot more forgiving so if one is not sure what colors work for him, he should steer away from green, try the purples and if all else fails, contact a color consultant.

Indra A Books, author of this and many other lifestyle articles, is the owner and founder of ON THE GO 4 U, Personal Shoppers & Concierge Service in the Washington DC metropolitan area. The companys creed is to provide its clients with the ultimate life management experience. In addition to its shopping and concierge services, ON THE GO 4 U also publishes a monthly e-zine and conducts workshops on wardrobe, entertaining and decorating.

During these tough economic times everything is more basic with less embellishment. Style and glamour is achieved by the fit, silhouette and coordination of the clothing into wearable outfits. This trend is a departure from casual dressing and returning to a sophisticated, feminine glamour. The wardrobe will be built on neutral tones such as black, navy, charcoal, brown or bordeaux to give maximum mix n match possibilities. This is a new era of elegance.

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Fashion Trends You Need To Know

Quality, Style, and Uniqueness are three attributes of HAUTE Indulgence. We know and fully understand that you have a choice in where you decide to spend your money. Our buyers meticulously search for stylish, one-of-a-kind pieces crafted to withstand normal wear. But they don’t stop there. Our purchasing power allows us to offer you the best of the best and pass substantial savings on to you. We meet everyone on every budget, recognizing the challenge of balancing family and career, HAUTE Indulgence takes the guess work out shopping and offers you peace of mind, knowing you are shopping for and receiving fashionable, quality merchandise.

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Selecting The Most Appropriate Cheap Designer Glasses To fit your Face

Choosing the right pair of cheap designer glasses can be a very complex procedure. You need to pay attention not only to the quality and expense of the eyewear but also make sure the glasses perfectly suit your face. You need to buy the right match, meaning the size of the actual glasses should be equal in proportion with your face.

In order to avoid trying on every pair of glasses in the store or even worse, order a pair online and realize afterward that it does not suit your face; you simply need to determine your face form and coloring. As soon as you do that, finding the developer glasses styles to suit your face will be very easy and youll end up save your time and energy.

The particular seven basic encounter shapes are spherical, oval, oblong, base-down triangle, base-up triangle, diamond and square. According to The Vision Council, there is a particular type of frame that actually works best for each of these shapes. Heres what you need to remember when you choose your new eyeglasses:

Round – given that a round face has curved lines with the width and length in the same proportions and no perspectives, you need angular narrow eyeglass frames, a clear connection and rectangular shaped frames.

Oval – this really is considered to be the ideal face shape. If you have a great oval face you have to choose either eyeglass frames that are because wide as or even wider than the broadest part of the face or walnut-shaped frames.

Oblong : The oblong face is longer compared to wide, has a long cheek line and perhaps a longish nose. In case your face is oblong-shaped, the very best glasses for you are the type with frames who have more depth compared to width, decorative temples or wats or a low connection.

Base-down triangle – this particular face shape will be characterized by a thin forehead and wide cheek and chin areas. To complement any base-down triangle shaped-face, a pair of designer glasses with heavily colored and comprehensive frames along with cat-eye styles is the ideal solution.

Base-up triangle – If the leading third and small bottom third of one’s face are very wide it means you have a base-up triangular shaped face. Exactly what suits you best in this case are frames that are broader at the bottom, light colors and materials and rimless frame styles.

Diamond – An appealing fact is that this could be the rarest face shape. The diamond face is characterized by a filter eye line and also jaw line as well as broad check our bones. To soften its features, you need to choose rimless structures, oval and cat-eye shapes.

Square – this particular face shape is actually recognized because of the powerful jaw line, broad forehead and by the fact the width and length of the face have been in the same proportions. When you have a square-shaped face, exactly what suits you best are the filter frame styles as well as narrow ovals.

After coordinating the glasses to the face shape, you must move on to the next step which can be color analysis of the epidermis, eyes and locks.

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Fashion Trends Hot in Spring and Summer 2017

As the spring has just started, now is the time to refresh your look! Here are the latest spring and summer trends in fashion! Pick your favorite and enjoy!

Spring is romantic. You should be too!

As spring is the best season to fall in love or to renew your feelings toward your partner, you definitely need to look romantic as well! To achieve this goal, you can choose among a variety of spring dresses, starting from girlish and sweet babydoll minidresses to wrap, kimono-sleeve or jersey ones to shirtdresses. If you dont feel like showing your legs in a mini babydoll dress, why not pair it with skinny cropped jeans? One of the most flattering cut of dresses and tops this season is a wrap as it gives a slimming effect to most silhouettes. You should also try hip low-cut tops embellished with ruffles, bows and lace to dress up jeans and other casual bottoms. For an even more romantic look, pick up clothes with fashionable ruching, puff sleeves or floral prints! But remember that the print style should reflect your stature, i.e. if you are petite, go for smaller prints and avoid the bigger ones as they would make you look smaller.

Shorts for everyone

Yes, thats right! Shorts arent for tourists only anymore! You can choose whichever length you prefer – short or longer one. Be careful with cuffs as they add weight. Therefore, its a better idea to pick up a slim cut of longer shorts. To create a proper balance, pair your shorts with romantic blouses, tunics or empire waist tops and with appropriate not too dainty or dressy shoes. Stilettos will look much worse in composition with your shorts than a chunky platform, ballerina flat or simple thong sandal.

Modern metallics

This spring and summer youll see lots of metallics all around you! Such colors as gold, silver and bronze will even become the new neutrals suitable not only for night but also for day. Naturally, you should exercise moderation and wear your metallic dresses in the evening, but still dont be afraid of wearing metallic separates together with some more traditional fabrics for a modern spring look during the day!

A great comeback of dots and circles

Polka dots and circles of all sizes and shapes are in fashion again! No matter which you prefer the smaller or the bigger ones, if you pair them with sophisticated items, your look will be well balanced. If you dont feel like wearing dotted clothes, why not have a simple round pendant at your neck? It will refresh your outfits look immediately!

Impressive accessories

As you may find some of the trends out there for you, why not add freshness and trendy spirit to your garments with accessories instead of clothes? Its the easiest and perhaps even the cheapest way of incorporating latest fashion trends into your own closet. You can start with shiny metallic bags and shoes. If it is still kind of too much for you, choose oversized patent leather belts or lucite jewelry as most fashionable accents of this season. Bangles of all kinds and sizes are extremely popular right now and suit every outfit, even shorts!

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Women’s Dress Shoe Trends

A Brief History

Since the invention of the shoe, which one imagines was created more out of necessity than fashion, nothing else has been developed which can quite match its role as the quintessential wardrobe accessory. Gone are the days when styles and trends were unheard of concepts that were far outweighed by simple day-to-day survival. Thank goodness! The shoe now stands as one of the leading pieces of apparel in the fashion world. As this leader, it is safe to say that the options available in this market are staggering, at best. One has to only visit the shoe section of their nearest department store to understand that these fashion icons have exploded far past the point of their humble beginnings.

Current Trends and Recommendations

The impact of the shoe should never be underestimated because it has the capability of making or breaking a total look. We have all seen someone, perhaps even ourselves, who have found themselves with the wrong pair of shoes. The wrong shoes have the ability to destroy a great look. No one wants to be caught in that moment. This uncomfortable feeling can be avoided if time is invested into finding what today’s trends are. First step: find a brand of shoes that is going to give you this updated style, quality and comfort. Many women feel BeautiFeel Shoes fit these criteria. If you have not tried on a pair of BeautiFeel Shoes you absolutely should.

BeautiFeel Shoes have been around for over 15 years. These shoes keep up with the trends and styles of the day, but do so with a craftsmanship and flair that is difficult to duplicate. BeautiFeel Shoes are committed to bringing women quality products that are made not only with fashion trends in mind, but with comfort of the feet as well. BeautiFeel Shoes do not just follow trends, they deliver comfort too. Everyone has had one experience or more purchasing a great looking shoe that felt fine in the store only to get it home, wear it to work the next day and come home with painful feet. The solution to this predicament is to find BeautiFeel Shoes and try on a pair.

What To Look For

The trends with dress shoes now are varied and definitely lean toward the feminine side. There are the retro wedges of the 1970’s that scream for attention. The ballerina flats reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn are very popular and are a welcome relief for feet tired. Leather materials and luxurious fabrics are nowadays embellished with jewels, sequins, stones and crystals. Textures are big as well as creating contrast with different colors that makes the shoes stand out. Patent leather looks have returned and the classic use of animal prints is still in the forefront. Shoes with Mary Jane straps and the traditional T-strap are still going strong. Boots still remain a wardrobe essential and heel heights range from the ground up to 5 inch dress shoe types.

These are the 2007 shoe trends in the world of fashion. If a woman wants to stay in step with what is “in”, she should make a shoe purchase that is going to last. Quality merchandise that is comfortable is always in style, and to find these aspects she need look no further than the BeautiFeel Shoe brand. Their selection includes: varying heel heights of quality wrapped leather, dual texture looks in very stylish dress pumps, ballerina-style shoes that have trendy designs in animal prints, shoes with wedge heels, and boots that are guaranteed to keep you in style. They truly have it all. The best thing is a woman can wear these knowing that her feet will still feel fresh and comfortable after wearing these built to last shoes. A shoe company that presents this type of shoe to the fashion world is one worth looking into.

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Update Your Summer Closet with DISH TV

Have you updated your summer closet yet? It is summer already. You need to buckle up and start shopping to make a nice wardrobe for the summer. If you are a fashion conscious lady, you may not need any assistance on what to buy and what to avoid. But if you are a wannabe fashionista then DISH TV is here to guide you through the risky and often changing world of fashion. With TV in your aid you can get the best fashion tips and become a fashion expert by yourself. Next time you walk into a party you can become the talking point and turn the fashionable gals out their turn green with jealousy.

Fashion keeps changing with time, season and year. What is hot for the fall season will not be in for the spring and summer. Similarly, the fall wardrobe is also a strict no no for spring winter. The winter wardrobe and the summer wardrobe are different as well. The colors, the fabric and the dress code all are a lot different from each other. For example, we wear a lot of natural fabric like cotton, silk and jersey fabric on summer and during winter we tend to wear heady fabrics like wool, cashmere and pashmina. During spring and fall we choose something that are not much heavy but can protect us from the changing weather. In summer and spring we tend to wear bright pastel shades while during fall and winter we stick to earthy and neutral tones. Fashion keeps changing from season to season and DISH TV brings you all the updates about the changing scenario.

Can you remember when tight fitting drainpipe pants and animal prints were in vogue? There are many such fashion trends that come and go in a regular basis. You can get those trends in one year but in the very next year the trends become quite pass. Yes, that is fashion; it is full of uncertainty and surprises. You can never tell which fashion trend is going to rock the summer season this year. But of course you can rely on the fashion experts and the trendsetters for the same. You can get to see a number of fashion related programs on DISH TV where the fashion experts will brief you about the current trends of fashion and will also give you tips on how to jazz up an ordinary dress into a fun summer outfit.

Not only the apparels, you can also learn the fashion trends about the accessories as well. You can get to learn about best summer shoes, bags, jewelries and perfumes in vogue. The fashion related programs on DISH TV bring you the best summer collection from the top fashion houses like Versace, Giorgio Armani, Christian Dior and much more. And do not forget the shoes from Prada and classy to gorgeous clutches and purses from Louis Vuitton. Even if you cannot make such expensive choices for fashion, you can still fake the look and settle for a cheaper option and keep your closet up to date. So get ready to get gorgeous this summer!

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Makeup and Fashion Artist

Makeup and fashion plays a very vital role in physical appearance this is why it is vital to choose your makeup carefully. Trends of Makeup and fashion tips are similar, and change every year, allowing women to be diverse with their looks and carry a makeup style that suits the latest fashion trends and their personality. The winter 2010 makeup trends are diverse, awesome and perfect for different occasions, allowing ladies to have a variety of fashion and makeup styles to choose from.

Makeup can be a girls best friend if the right trend and style is chosen and if the makeup has been applied skillfully by an expert makeup artist. so you must try your best to determine which the types makeup colors to use and how to apply the makeup to suit your face features. The new winter 2010 makeup trends are meant to improve natural beauty with warm as well as cool toned makeup. So try to indulge yourself in one of the following makeup styles:

Bare eyes makeup trend Same as this summer, natural makeup is highly popular and minimum use of makeup leaves its impact over the latest trends as natural beauty cannot be at the top this year by anything else. This type of makeup can be a best solution for women of all ages, as natural beauty is timeless. To create this awesome bare eyes makeup you just need to apply a small amount of concealer and foundation just so you can have a flawless completion. The eyes are allowed to remain bare, and a bit of lip gloss is applied to the lips. In case your eyelashes don’t reveal themselves naturally you can put a thin coat of black or brown colored mascara, depending on the natural color of your hair. To add a touch of color to your complexion you can apply a little bit of blush to your cheeks in a rosy, peachy or brown coloration.

Bold colored lips trend Bold colored lips can help enhance one of the most attractive parts of a woman’s body- the lips. The lips have always been considered tempting so why not put them into value with makeup?! The bold colored lips trend is actually a comeback, as this old style makeup has been quite popular back in the days when women began to explore their femininity to the max. A flawless complexion and a minimal eye makeup are the key to the success of this type of makeup so apply a light eyeliner, apply a coat or two of mascara, make sure you cover any imperfection which might cover your complexion and color your lips boldly with a red or orange lipstick.

Goddess eyes makeup trend The eyes are considered to be the gateway to the soul in many cultures so why not makes them look beautiful, by emphasizing the fabulous shape of the eyes and the eye color using makeup. Creating this goddess eyes makeup couldn’t be easier, just a touch of eye makeup is required to create the look and if we are reluctant to give a start, better opt for some makeup and fashion artist makeup and fashion artist for this. Start with a flawless complexion and use eyeliner or an eyeliner and a dark colored eye shadow to give the eyes fabulous definition. Coat the lashes using a black colored mascara and leave the lips bare or use a nude colored lipstick to balance your look.

Dramatic/grungy style makeup trend This type of makeup is definitely not for everyone as it seems to be inspired from the new vampire movies which have dominated this year. It seems that the dramatic/ grungy style makeup suits best women who are confident in their own skin and are not afraid to express their individuality through makeup. Bold eye makeup and lipstick on a flawless complexion are the key ingredients to this interesting new makeup style. Apply the makeup heavily in dark colors such as brown, or black when it comes to eye shadow, and wine, brown or red colored lipstick for the lips. Choose the makeup style that suits you and your personality best so you can look absolutely awesome and trendy for every event.

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Cobalt Rings The Hot New Trend For Men’s Wedding Rings

The past couple of years the price of gold has sky rocketed and many precious metal experts believe the price will continue to climb. Due to the meteoric rise in precious metals, many jewelry lovers have been turning to contemporary metals, such as, the increasingly popular Tungsten Carbide. You too may have perhaps admired the steely glow and permanent brilliance of tungsten jewelry. Tungsten Rings and jewelry has been growing in popularity over the past few years for sure. However, there is a new player in town: COBALT CHROME.

Cobalt chrome rings are fast becoming an American favorite for todays couples due to its unique properties. It’s polished platinum-like appearance, by many opinions, has a brighter finish than that of even platinum itself. Its color and brilliance is permanent, found within the body of the alloy, not just a flashing or plating over the existing metal, and therefore its glow will not dull over time and does not require continual attention to maintain its shine. . Cobalt Chrome has other similarities to the virtually maintenance free properties found in tungsten. It is nearly as scratch resistant as tungsten, and without question more durable than platinum. However the advantage to cobalt chrome wedding rings over tungsten bands is that Cobalt has the side by side, basic appearance of highly polished white gold, without the high price, while tungstens appearance is more gray, comparable to the color of dark steel.

A factor to be considered when researching mens cobalt chrome wedding rings, is that while most men want a band that has a solid and durable appearance, not all want the encumbrance of a heavy or weighty feel to their ring. Some have remarked that tungsten is a bit bulky, and there are those who are not accustomed to wearing much jewelry and prefer a lighter weight material than tungsten. This factor alone has added to the growing appeal of Cobalt Chrome. There is a most definite difference in the weight between these two metals. Take the opportunity of trying yourself the difference in the feel and comfort, when doing your own comparison shopping. Ask to try on both cobalt chrome and tungsten, it will take only a moment to detect the significant difference in the feel of the band.

Chad Anderson of Heavy Stone Rings, a driving force in the popularity of cobalt chrome rings, states that Cobalt Chrome amounts to upwards of 50% of their wedding band sales. “We have seen a continuing increase of demand for our cobalt rings. The unique properties of the metal allows us to have some creativity and flexibility in designing new styles. With the rising cost of precious metals, the future of our American made cobalt line is bright.”

The above statement from Heavy Stone Rings also reflects the sentiments of other top designers in the quest, not only to bring consumers back into the buying arena but also leave them satisfied and returning for more. Benchmark, one such top designer has produced a significant line of cobalt chrome wedding rings due to the growing popularity this hypo-allergenic alloy. The fact that it is hypo-allergenic is a plus to those researching before they buy.

When looking to make your purchase, be sure to consider the advantages of Cobalt Chrome. Although new to the market, more and more online retailers, as well as brick and mortar jewelry stores are carrying this popular addition. Prices are competitive and range with the variety of styles. On average men’s cobalt chrome wedding rings will start under $200. Take a look for yourself and explore the wide range of possibilities now available on the market.

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