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Fashion Trend Alert Danskin Leotards

The fashion world is going gaga over Danskin leotard and skin-tight apparel. From leggings to footless tights to skinny jeans, everything, tight is in. Recently, fashion models are walking the runway wearing leotards. A leotard is a skin-tight garment, one-piece that covers the upper torso. It cuts off at the legs. It was originally worn by acrobats, dancers and gymnasts. However, today, it has been making resurgence in the fashion industry.

Most people think that Danskin leotards are a new trend, but the truth is that they have been around for a very long time now. It was first used in the 18th century by French dancers. In the 1920s and 30s, the leotard was the inspiration for swimsuits. It influenced bathing suit styles everywhere. It was also then that those who perform in Broadway shows wore leotards. In the 50s, leotards took a break and were used simply as exercise garments and performance wear for dancers and gymnasts. They were usually paired together with tights for full coverage. However, in the 70s, leotards played a major role in fashion. Because of disco and aerobics, leotards became very popular. They began to be made in nylon and spandex. Celebrities like Jane Fonda popularized the use of leotards as street wear. It was also then that Danskin flourished as one of the most trusted sellers of leotards.

Today, the queen of reinvention was the first to revive the leotard. Madonna wore violet and purple leotards both onstage and on her videos. Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera soon followed the trend. Beyonce is also a celebrity who uses leotards in her performances. The infamous Lady Gaga also is popular for wearing leotards as every wear, and was quoted saying that it was never too cold to wear a leotard.

Some people are afraid to wear leotards, because they can be quite hard to pul off. However, there are some ways to make you seem less tacky and classier. The trick to wearing a leotard for street wear is never to go overboard. Stick to something simpler and you can easily pull it off.

You can get a lot of varieties on the leotard. However, you should avoid spandex one which are too dated and not really appropriate for everyday use. Leave those to the dancers and gymnasts. Stick to regular fabric or lace.

You can wear your Danskin leotard with any pair of pants or shorts, but they look best in high waist skirts and high waist pants. In fact, you can wear it with any bottom that you can tuck a shirt into. It provides a cleaner and even sleeker look than regular tucking. Leotards can also work if you wear them under corset tops. If you want an edgy, modern look, you can wear a corset over the leotard. You can also use it with a vest or blazer to update the look, and make it look more comfortable and laid back. There are a lot of fashion options when it comes to leotards.

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Fashion Me Summer 2017 Hottest Trends

In the world of fashion, a new season does not only mean a change in the environment. Its more importantly a change of trends, colors, textiles, texturesa whole new template by which to dress the world.

At the end of the day, being fashionable is all in the way you carry yourself. Youve seen enough fashion-forward personalities looking quite dreamy in what would have been a nightmare if worn by anyone else. But if youre not one of these rare beings gifted with a fierce sense of style and self-confidence, here are some of the hottest trends to hit the fashion world this summer season to clue you in:

Sizzling Shorts Hot pants are not for everyone, but if youre brave enough to try, then go for it girl! Take note that hot pants are not your everyday idea of “pants” at all. Having the word “hot” in its name serves to warn you that these articles of clothing are only to be worn by those who can handle the heat.

With hemlines riding up to shorter than short, these hot pants give you one more reason to hit the gym religiously. Pair it with a dainty billowy top, a simple loose tee, or another hot trend, the boyfriend blazer and chic heels to further elongate your legs.

From the Boys The boyfriend blazer is simply that: a slightly over-sized blazer that is meant to look like you borrowed it from the boys. Take note though, it may be over-sized, but it should not swallow your frame. Go for one size bigger, no more, no less. When choosing one, the shoulders should come no more than an inch and a half away from your own. Roll up the sleeves for an instant dose of relaxed cool.

Fashion Wars Hints of battle gear are all over the fashion world lately. From gladiator sandals to belts and buckles to military styles to tribal prints, it seems fashionistas are bracing themselves for a fashion war. If youd like to enlist yourself, remember that the key pieces are leather, metal, buckles, and strong shoulders. Top with unexpectedly feminine hair accessories in dark colors to add a few soft details to an otherwise masculine look.

Too Cute to be True From hot to boyish to downright mannish, this new summer trend takes you to the exact opposite direction: ultra-feminine. Hair accessories have come back with a vengeance. But if you think its back to the good ol prim and proper plain Janes with the plain bows, youre thankfully wrong!

This summer season, its all about being fun, quirky and free while still celebrating your femininity. Hair clips are no longer just cutesy baby gifts, big girls can wear them now too. Recently seen on the runways of Marc Jacobs, Diane von Furstenberg, Temperley and Luella, this is a trend thats definitely here to stay.

Its never easy to predict which trends are keepers and which are simply “flavor of the month.” These trends may be hot right now, but tacky next season. So how do you know which one to invest in? Invest in yourself. If you have a strong sense of self, whatever you wear will merely serve to complement your glowing personality. Still, what better way to complement your fun personality than with the seasons fun trends, right?

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Why Do People Like Juicy Couture Jewelry

Theres no better way to lighten up a womans day but to present her with fine jewelries. This, however, is not addressed to men. A woman can make her dull day happy by simply going her own way searching for that perfect piece of jewelry to complete her collection. A modern-day woman buys her own stuff. She doesnt need a man to do that for her. Thats exactly the message that you can get from a funky piece of Juicy Couture Jewelry.

Unique and bold, so it seems, Juicy Couture is still able to maintain a modern womans feminine side intact. No matter how much it tries to reinvent itself, one thing remains in Juicy Coutures collection of jewelriesthat is the touch of flair that only a real woman has.

Juicy Couture offers a huge selection of jewelries ranging from charms and bracelets to earrings, necklaces and even watches. These are all available in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes. Basically, lots of different styles and designs are being used in Juicy Coutures line of jewelriessomething that you have never seen before in any other brands collection.

Most Juicy Couture Jewelry, however, are available in gold which are accented by trinkets of shapes and objects that you dont usually find in a jewelry. The amusing thing about it is that, the designers seem to be always able to pull it off. No matter how loud and experimental a design is, the end product remains classy and elegant.

The bestsellers among Juicy Coutures line are the chunky bangles and cuff bracelets that look really adorable when worn with any casual attire. It can easily spruce up your once dull wardrobe.

The prices of Juicy Couture Jewelry can range from $40 for cute mobile phone charms to as expensive as $250 for an elegant necklace. These figures seem a bit expensive but for Juicy aficionados, its all worth it.

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Flesh Tunnels-Stretch The Imagination

When body jewellery is utilised to stretch an area of skin, such as the earlobe or nostril, the item is known as an ear stretcher or flesh tunnel. They are also referred to as earlets, spacers, spools, expanders, an eyelet or a fleshy.

You can find them available in a very wide assortment of different shapes, styles and sizes which permits the piercing region to be held within it’s existing location and size at the same time opening up more space inside of the spool or ring.

The dimensions of these items can be bought in sizes varying from 2. 40mm to 50.00mm with increments of 2. 00mm between each size. This will allow you work your way up to bigger tunnels and spools more steadily. You will discover there are numerous materials to pick from when you are looking to buy. Some of the more popular materials are bone, horn, coconut, silicone, plastic and surgical steel.

It’s a popular misunderstanding that flesh tunnels and flesh plugs are one in the same, yet they are actually 2 different types of jewellery altogether. Flesh plugs are of a solid design and are used to “plug the hole”. Flesh tunnels on the other hand are hollow rings which are used to stretch the skin and maintain the opening once it’s established.

Any kind of piercing which has been stretched can usually house a flesh tunnel. They are commonly seen on the earlobe, however they are often placed at the septum. This gives a very distinctive look.

Normally you will find 3 types of fitting for this kind of expanding jewellery.

1. The first 1 is Single flared. They are flared out but only at the front end. They’re held in position on the rear side using a silicone or rubber o-ring.

2. The 2nd one is the double flared. As the name suggests they are flared on both sides and it’s the flares that hold the item securely in position.

3. Finally the third is known as Screw backed. These ones flare out at the front, yet they feature a removable threaded ring at the rear of the tunnel. This allows the item to be firmly kept in one spot.

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Summer fashion trends for todays women

What to wear this summer? It’s a recurrent question that gives no rest to stylish people and fashion freaks. Unlike previous year when womens wardrobe was full of elegant feminine and flattering contours outfits, this year womens outfits are proceeding towards honest and simple approach to dressing.

If you have not updated your wardrobe yet, its perfect time to start putting away the heavy, drab winter clothes and dress up yourself in light and bright colors. So what are you thinking for? This summer comes with colors like white, grey, navy blue; browns are reassured and warm with violet tones.

Themes for this summer: Active sports wear, dancers workout clothes are the inspiration behind Get Sporty collection. Marnis close-fitting jackets were teamed with cropped and stripped leggings. The designers like Thakoon, Rodarte, and Alexander McQueen seems to be inspired with beauty of roses and peonies this summer. The romantic vision is blossomed with lots of structured dresses, tops and gowns. Eighteen centurys influence is coming back in 2007 with a punk feel. The feminine silhouette is getting large with eminent volume and layers with a couture-like aristocratic and royal appeal. Swingy shape dresses and skirts are comfortable to wear in summer. The inspiration came from Yves Saint Laurents collection of 1958. Golden and silver looks have gained importance in this season. This season group of fashion designers has not forgotten to use golden, pewter, and coppers colors in slinky dresses, coats, bags and shoes. With some of these dresses in summer collection you need not wear jewelry as they come with embedded jewelry. Like, an outfit with jeweled neckline avoids the need to wear a necklace.


Summer has come up with light colors. White is key color of the season. Colors like grey, navy blue have been used to give glamorous look. Bright colors have come back with red-orange and fuchsia. Cool, neutrals will always find a place in your summer wardrobes.

The baggy look dresses had been welcomed this season. I feel big, loose-fitting separates can be worn by both slim and slightly overweight women. You can put on perhaps a hat or chunky bracelet with your dress. I hope you will like it. This summer the length of blouses are little bit longer. It is an inch below navel and covers half of hips. For your second or third date you may wear black and white print border shift dress. The black and white combination doesnt look contrast but it moved softer and transformed into shady grey and off white. How about trying the combination of white embroidery on black background or vice versa? Isnt it great for dinner with your client!

In these sunny days black string bikini is funky and easy to wear. These simple sun dresses are perfect for the soaring temperatures without sacrificing style and fashion. To accessorize your outfits, try an over-sized bag with lots of details or bold, bug-eyed sunglasses. These trendy extras are sure to make a fashion statement. So its time to brush up your cabinet with some sporty, romantic, and sophisticated dresses. Have fun, be creative, and shine this season with these great outfits.

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Emerging Cities In Fashion Scene

New York, Paris, London, Milan are known as the big names in fashion cities to see the best of fashion world has to offer. In these fashion capitals shadows are emerging cities that are frequently overlooked by the masses, enabling them to develop truly forward-thinking creativity in bustling art communities, and perhaps most notably, the freshest in fashion. We choose the three most promising cities for a sneak peek of whats to come in the world of fashion.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands:

Some have called it the “Venice of the North.” Amsterdam is known worldwide for its tolerance and liberalism. This beautiful city also reflects these qualities in its eclectic and creative fashion sense. Big scarves, stripes, leather booties, and bright accessories rule both the streets and the ever-popular boutiques dotting the Dams zig-zagging narrow lanes. In July and January, the city becomes the backdrop for its red-hot International Fashion Week, and the AMFI Amsterdam Fashion Institute fosters the freshest faces in the industry year-round.

Cape Town, South Africa:

Cape Town is Africas most progressive fashion city. Known for its multicultural population and gorgeous oceanfront landscape, it might be hard to focus your attention on just one visual pleasure, but a quick trip to one of the citys many boutiques is sure to distract you. Cropped trousers, full skirts, body-con, tiered dresses, pleats, drapes, sheer, chiffon and lace are ruling styles from Cape Town designers and fashionistas, making for an interesting interplay between conservative and sensual.

A benefit for many travelers in Cape Town is the favorable exchange rate and comparatively low production costs, so giving in to that to-die-for garment becomes that much easier. A capital of goldsmiths and jewelry makers as well as textile producers, look for high-quality leather goods and inexpensive, luxurious accessories. Greenmarket Square and the Cape Quarter are two places to start your shopping explorations, and mid-August is the time to catch Cape Town Fashion Week.

Bali, Indonesia:

Bustling and vibrant, the archipelago city, though known perhaps more for its gorgeous textile supply than groundbreaking design, local fashion thought is on the upswing. Maybe the best place to explore grassroots style is at one of the many open-air markets in the city, with colorful prints and breezy fabrics begging to be worn on Pacific-tanned bodies. Local style as of late has been centered on retro dresses, defined waistlines, relaxed-fit trousers and show-stealing peeptoe pumps. The citys fashion week has been suspended since last few years due to international economic troubles, but Bali is back in our list of fashion cities regardless of big fashion events speaks volumes.

So, whether you are planning a fashion trip around the globe or exploring the new fashion designers, keep in mind that the world of fashion goes well beyond the traditional hubs.

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Jeans Trends 2017 – Outlook is Confusing

All those empire-waist gowns and tops that looked so stylish not so long ago suddenly have turned into the fashion equivalent of pumpkins, morphing from au courant to out-of-date as quickly as the New Year’s clocks chimed 12. Or so say northern hemisphere trend-watchers.

The high-waisted “baby-doll” look, which topped most must-have lists in early 2007, is one of several trends predicted to take a tumble early in 2008.

On the way out are micro-miniskirts, shapeless tunics and extremely low-rise jeans, according to several boutique owners. Those styles will be replaced by fitted tops, belted dresses and trousers with higher waistbands.

If we consult with the jeans gurus, the verdict is in: the storm of froth and frills has subsided; in it’s wake is the cool, fresh look of glammed-up mod minimalism and tailored shabby chic.

“Green” fashions made from eco-friendly materials such as bamboo were big in 2007. They will be huge in ’08, predicts a buyer for a large American department store.

Fashion leaders are less certain about 2008 trends for jeans styles. Fashion people are still debating the subject with purchase managers and sales clerks. Where jeans are concerned, however, trends don’t count for much. The most stylish jeans are not the widest or narrowest; they’re the ones that fit the best.

Here’s a refresher of some common Denim Jeans Styles. They are sometimes referred to when looking at the fit of a pair of jeans:
Carpenter pants or jeans- These have a loose fit through the seat and thigh. They have a side pocket tools. Usually used for cell phones and cash. These can have the painters hammer loop sometimes as well.
Cargo pants or jeans- Two large gear pockets with flap closure situated just above and to the side of the knees. Loose fit through the seat and thigh.

Painters pant or jeans- These have a loose fit through the seat and thigh. They have a loop for a hammer on the side just below the hip.

Loose fit- Made to be worn low on the hips or size down for a slimmer look- loose through seat and thigh.
Relaxed fit- Has an easy fit through the seat and thigh- roomy but not baggy.

Original or Regular fit- Sits at the waist and has a straight fit through the seat and thigh.

Skinny fit- Sits below the waist and is very narrow and has a slim leg.

Slim fit- Slightly narrower at the seat and thigh than original fit.
Slouch jeans- An eased fit that sitslow on the hips.

Boy cut jeans- Relaxed fit for women.

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