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Select the Best One Piece Swim Suit for Your Body

Summer is heading our way, and if you are considering selecting a one piece swimsuit this year, you are in for a great treat! Although considered the more of the conservative swimsuit,the one piece suit is not longer considered boring.

Even though most people picture themselves in a one piece suit tend to see a maillot, this no longer has to be the case. The one piece swimsuit is now being designed racier and sexier than ever. Many fashionable women have been sporting in the one piece, rather than many of the “fashionable” two pieces available on the market today.

Making the one piece work for you is simple,but it is crucial that you select the right suit. By selecting the right design and color, the one piece can and will help you disguise your non-flattering areas better. Yes, you can disguise flaws with a good swimsuit! By getting the right swimsuit, you will increase your confidence when laying around the pool or strolling around at the beach.

Most one piece swimsuits today come with built in support. This is to avoid your breasts resembling a Baywatch babe having run about for too long with no support. Almost everyone knows that there is no suits as effective at smuggling a tummy than a one piece, but now that they are made with built in tummy control panels, it is even more effective. Talk about a breast lift and tummy job in one swimsuit!

None of these features will do much for you if you do not know your body. Knowing your body will enable you to correctly disguise your disliked features. Most of us tend to focus on our weak spots, instead of focusing on enhancing our strong features. To create the right look in swimwear means you are working towards a balanced silhouette. This can be done by drawing the eye away from the unbalanced bits, and then balancing the silhouette using colors and patterns. It sounds more complicated than it really is.

A quick example for the pear shaped lady (I know must of us are). Your body is considered bottom heavy and top light.
* Draw attention up towards your bust line using either detail on the bust like ruffles or frills, or try a halter neck type style.
* On the lower part opt for a higher leg cut. This not only makes your legs look longer but will help your thighs appear shapely instead of large.
* If you wave wobbly bits opt for a bold patterned suit. Should you have a large tummy look for one with built in panels and detailing down the middle or one side.
* Stick to lighter solid colors or conservative base colors only if you fall into the middleweight category.
* Try darker colors like navy, plum or black with patterns in bold colors if larger.

Keeping it simple will help you select the best one-piece swimsuit for your body type. With the right suit you can enjoy a fun sun-filled summer next to the pool or on the beach.

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Ear Stretchers For a Jazzy New Look

People are often influenced by what they see around them. This is especially true for fashion trends and the latest styles. The paparazzi photos of popular or even local celebrities on holiday are making people all green out of envy. The almost seemingly and never-ending holiday season of the rich and famous is often seen as a source of inspiration for those who follow fashion trends. Whether it is a famous celebrity on a yacht or a footballers wife relaxing in a unique spa resort, you can always take inspiration from their bodies and style. The belly bars piercing is seen as the second most pierced body part just after the ears. The belly piercing and jewellery is a very sensuously decorative for both, the wearer and observer.

People tend to want a polished celebrity look. Fortunately, by adding a little bit of glamour to actually what is affordable would go a long way. You will often notice an eye catching Ear Stretchers on the ears of not only the rich and famous but also on commoners. They know that a subtle sparkling ear stretcher is the perfect accessory that goes with almost any outfit. It is ideal for showing off. Belly bars are also one of the few accessories, which will flatter almost anyone. This is whether you have the stunning curves like the famous celebrities or a naturally slim figure like some of them. A beautiful gold or platinum belly bar would generally look amazing. Almost all celebrities have shown off the navel piercings at some point of time during their careers.

Nipple bars have a sensuous appeal. They are worn conveniently and are a distinct form of body art popular amongst many celebrities. Young girls generally tend to wear them as a form of expression and are very pleased once it is done. They come in a verity of shapes and sizes based on your convenience and size or shape of your nipple. The best designer versions are available online on the websites. You can view the high quality images and decide for yourself. It can often conveniently be delivered to your doorstep. It is ideal while wearing a bikini while on the beach or a simple cute cropped top and a skirt on an exciting night out.

If in case you already have a part of your belly pierced then you are a step ahead. The first fashion trend came into fashion in the late nineties when a prominent model wore a belly ring at a very famous London fashion show. Piercing as a fashion trend has been around for a while. Simply put it is fashion, which simply refuses to fade away. Trends have shifted slightly ever since the late nineties. It has now moved more towards the luxurious belly bars, which are featuring the unique designs, which include diamonds, gold, platinum, or gemstones. The models, musicians and some prominent mainstream actors have all proudly shown off their luxurious belly and nipple bars. It is important to avoid those cheap pieces that are on sale in the high street clothing shops and stores.

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Funky Wellies Not Just For Rainy Days

When ever you are on the lookout for a sound pair of boots and can’t decide on what to purchase, pick up a pair Wellies. They wont let you down. This unique footwear dates back as far as the early 19th century, look around and you will see they are making a big come back. They are fast becoming the latest and must have fashion accessory

Not only are they waterproof and durable they are perfect to face gloomy British weather in style without having to ruining your other footwear. Made with innovative colours, patterns and styles, funky wellies are available to purchase in a huge variety of designs ensuring you stand out from the crowd. You can find them in all manner of colours from the traditional black and green to the more outrageous pink, yellow, and red. Also available are patterned featuring just about anything such as coloured spots, animals and so much more. Be the fashion guru among your friends and wherever you go people are sure to notice of you.

Commonly worn by everyday people primarily for protection against the elements. They are also used when gardening and farming, hobbies such as Fishing and numerous other water related activities. They are also worn in industry for protection from chemicals, operating theatres, mines etc. The list is endless.

Walk with absolute confidence across muddy grasslands and fresh snow and ice. Turn back the clock to your childhood and jump through puddles. These boots are manufactured from water-resistant materials to keep your feet protected from the elements. Durable, strong and comfortable you are able to wear them for extended periods of time without any ill effects.

Wellies are truly multi-purpose footwear yet with a stylish look that makes them a sure hit with every generation. Wellie is slang for icky weather and if you live in the UK then they are a must have addition to your wardrobe, especially through the winter time. Perfect for dreary, dull and damp days they provide the wearer with unbeatable protection and comfort. In addition they are extremely low maintenance. After you have worn them it’s very easy to clean the muck and dirt. It’s a simple as rinsing with fresh water and wiping with a sponge or cloth. When done store your wellies in a dry place to stop any odor and mildew from forming. This will ensure long life so you can enjoy the benefits for years to come.

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Go Funky, Go Bold, Go Edgy with the Ripped Deconstruction Jeans

Its difficult to find a garment as widely embraced, loved and worn as the jeans. The classic symbol of the Americans is now a staple in wardrobes around the world. You can ask any group of people why they wear jeans? For some they are comfortable, durable and easy. For others, they are an epitome cool and glamor. Jeans means different to different people. Jeans have become this neutral foundational garment. If you want to be relaxed you wear a jeans.

Ripped Jeans is also known as torn jeans, boyfriend jeans and distressed jeans. The white ripped creates a perfect style statement for you. Similarly, the advantage with this jeans is that it gives you comfort over everything. It is also an example of perfect fitting. Torn jeans can be paired up with fringed tops, crop tops, cutout dresses. T- Shirts, shirts, tank tops and many more can go with a torn jeans. Thus, rugged jeans give a look more funky and stylish than the conventional ones!

Ripped jeans defines an edgy and punk look. This fashion trend is casual yet trendy. So, let us have a look at how to style yourself with a pair of ripped jeans, and carry that look with elan.

For a bold, and sexy outlook pair, distressed jeans with the following:
A bold coat and a pair of sleek boots.
A flattering white shirt and red lipstick.
A silky black trench coat and chunky sandals.
A printed purse and pointed toe heels.
Also, a furry scarf and black and white printed pumps.
Turtleneck top with lace up booties.
Wear it with a statement earrings and a breezy blouse.
A fur coat and an embellished top could give you a royal look.
A tweed blazer, ankle strap heels and Red lipstick.
A tucked in blouse and a structured bag. Next back brush your hair into a ponytail for a mesmerizing look.
For a sexy street style wear your Ripped Jeans with a medium brimmed fedora and a draped coat.

Ripped jeans for women should preferably put on a pair of skinny jeans that have been ripped strategically. Wearing this kind of jeans you get a classy yet relaxed look. For a trip to the mall, wear a white ripped jeans, with a casual top. In fact, keep the accessories minimum when you when you wear these jeans. Go for metallic bangles, hoops, and chains.

The Deconstructed fashion range is from intentionally ripped trousers to layered torn jeans. Deconstruction Jeans have been around for years and is the chief style of 80s and 90s. Making their return into the fashion spotlight, in the form of distressed jackets, deconstructed jeans, ripped jeans, are an homage to the past. This edgy fashion is a favorite among todays youth.

A perfect pair of Deconstruction Jeans is extremely chic for hourglass body type. Garments that appear unfinished, or gives the illusion of coming apart is deconstruction. Distressed jeans are the epitome of relaxed trend. They are straight and skinny with rips at places that gives a pulchritude looks. These jeans reveal fashion charms. The new wave of denims has something very remarkable. The form unique quirks like uneven hems, torn portions, and distressed back pockets.
The Deconstruction cum ripped jeans provides you the perfect look with an attitude. These jeans are washed and re- washed again and again to give a light feel. After that it is taken for deconstruction. So, that they have the right amount of worn look. Coming to your feet, you can wear sneakers for comfort. The Heels can also give you a cool look. Either way, the style statement remains perfect and if you are having long, fine legs you can rock the party. If you are wearing deconstructed jeans on the way to your office. Undoubtedly, all eyes would be on you!
Modern version of deconstructed denim, look effortlessly cool. It is easy to carry out when people know the dress you are wearing is superbly stylish. These jeans give you the feeling of still in high fashion. Deconstruction Jeans can be paired with fairly relaxed outfit. A tee or a hoodie is the best. Whether drawing inspiration from 80s glam rock or 90s grunge, deconstruction jeans are a fresh translation of retro fashion references.
Both the jeans are an extraordinary medium of the latest fashion trend. You would rarely find a wardrobe without these funky, edgy jeans. So, go for it!

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How to Find the Perfect Pair of Hoop Earrings

Are you in the market for a great pair of hoop earrings? This type of jewelry is fun and popular but there are factors to consider if you want to get a good pair. Hoop earrings which come in a variety of styles can be found in a wide range of prices. If you keep the following considerations in mind when you look at hoop earrings, you’ll be able to find the right pair for your needs.

While you can find fashion hoop earrings in the latest styles almost anywhere, you might also want to consider more traditional types of earrings.

Vintage styles tend to be more interesting because they are not as common but are just as attractive. You can find earrings from many historical periods. Originating in the 1920s, art deco jewelry has always been popular and you can find this style in many jewelry stores and online. Antique shops and estate sales are also good places to find older styles of jewelry. Helping you to create your own style, vintage styles of hoop earrings can give you a distinctive appearance.

For those that don’t want to pierce their ears, magnetic earrings are another option. Magnetic earrings work great for a young girl whose parents won’t let her pierce her ears or for the woman who has made the choice not to, because these type of earrings are appropriate for any age.

When they fit properly, others can’t even tell that you don’t have your ears pierced and small magnets help hold them in place. People with arthritis can reap health benefits from wearing magnetic jewelry some people claim. No studies have proven these benefits but this is one reason some people like to wear magnetic jewelry. Clip on earrings are not as comfortable to wear, either. Consider getting magnetic hoop earrings if you like the look of hoop earrings but don’t have pierced ears.

Hoops, while traditionally circular, come in various shapes, today. Those who prefer a slightly unconventional style may prefer hoops with a square shape or even a deliberately misshapen hoop. This can also be part of a natural or primitive look, as people in ancient cultures wore hoop earrings that were imperfect by modern standards. Because unusually shaped hoops are more distinctive, they are great for someone who likes to be different.

The world will never tire of the ever growing and expanding style of hoop earrings. Whether you prefer smaller or larger hoops, silver, gold or plastic, antique or modern, you can find a pair that is exactly what you need. Keep the above information in mind as you search for a pair of hoop earrings. The most important factor, however, is to get earrings that look great on you..

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Ideas for Homemade Wedding Invitations

Most brides prefer to choosing the cheapest wedding invitations which probably many other couples might have used earlier. An easier and inexpensive way of getting unique, creative wedding invitations is Homemade Wedding Invitations. Homemade wedding invitations allow you to add a personal touch to the invites by incorporating the wedding theme, motif and color scheme.

Choosing a Style for the Invitation: There are present, a whole range of homemade wedding invitation styles out there which you can choose based on the formality of the event. For example, a traditional wedding invitation is usually in white, which includes with gold in the form of bold artwork. While planning the invitation style you need to check whether the style that you choose is attainable or not and keep in mind the constraints of time. You can look for inspiration for the invitation styles in bridal magazines, stationer’s catalogs, art and craft supplies stores or online.

Selecting the Materials: Once you have decided the type of wedding invitation to make, it is time to select the materials for making the wedding invitation. There are many unique paper styles available in a stationery store. Some are already embossed with gold prints and dye cuts. You can also mix and match the papers or use trendy recycled paper pressed with dried flowers for adding a unique touch to the invitation. You can decorate the invitation with stamps, ribbons or stickers for achieving the desired effect.

Invitation Wording: Instead of using the formal wedding invitation wording, use creative wordings, which is much more personalized for your handmade wedding invitations. This has to be done keeping wedding invitation wording etiquette in mind. You can use love poems, quotations sayings or verses for the wedding invitation. If you want to add a quirky touch to the invitations, you can use funny wedding invitation wordings, which may comprise an amusing story or anecdote along with a comical drawing.

Printing your Homemade Invitations: For those that have access to home computers and printers, it is a great idea to get a printout of your invitations. This is great for those people who are not quite experts at artwork. For making a homemade invitation, just download some pictures and clip arts or even photographs and pick up a font to go with the style of the wedding invitation. You can now take a printout of the invitation on the paper of your choice.

If you do not want to go through the hassles of choosing the designs then it is a good idea to purchase some wedding invitation kits or just take a printout of online wedding invitations to aid you in your wedding planning. This would allow you access to some amazing upscale homemade wedding invitation ideas, at a fraction of the price.
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Trends in Baby Products

Here’s a quick peek at what you’re apt to find:
More functional designs
Manufacturers have decided that functionality is essential to success, and they’re right. The best products are not only safe, they’re durable, user-friendly, and tailored to your busy lifestyle. You’ll find ergonomic strollers with comfort features such as cup holders for parents, built-in containers for baby wipes, and customized storage. Many products today are developed with several uses in mind: dressers that do double duty as changing tables and play yards that function as portable bassinets and changing tables.
More stylish choices
Manufacturers have upped the style ante. You’ll find products from cutesy to sophisticated, inspired by popular children’s television and movie characters, and chic lines that fit your sense of style. You’ll find all-terrain strollers in today’s hottest colors–chartreuse, periwinkle, orange, cognac and black. You’ll also find baby products sold in collections: car seats, strollers, play yards, and swings all in the same French country, camouflage, African, or nautically-inspired fabric, designed to blend in with your home dcor and satisfy the strong nesting instinct that manufacturers believe pervades today’s culture.
Greater attention to safety
Safety is a major concern among product manufacturers, and safer designs continue to evolve while new safety-related products continually are added to the mix. You’ll find an array of products–supermarket cart covers, high chair covers for restaurants, and disposable place mats–designed to keep babies safe from germs.
Overall, products marketed specifically for babies are generally safe, partly because of government regulations. They’re approved for safety or certified as meeting safety requirements mandated by federal regulations, or enforced voluntarily by manufacturers. The Consumer Product Safety Commission, for example, regulates some baby equipment and oversees recalls. It enforces industry standards that apply to most product categories, as well as mandatory government standards for a few specific categories, such as cribs and clothing.
The U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration sets mandatory safety standards for the crash performance of child car seats. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulates baby formula and most baby food, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture monitors baby food containing meat, poultry and eggs.
Industry groups such as the Juvenile Product Manufacturers Association administers a program that certifies manufacturers that make products that meet voluntary safety standards. Consumer organizations such as Consumers Union work to refine those standards. Consumer Reports regularly tests cribs, crib mattresses, car seats, diapers, infant carriers, strollers, play yards, gates, toys, and baby monitors. They often hold products to more rigorous standards than the government requires or that manufacturers and retailers must meet to comply with voluntary industry standards. You’ll find results of their safety tests throughout their Web site.
Other children’s products may be certified by an independent laboratory as meeting safety standards, or a company may test its own product and vouch that they meet the safety standards. Those products may be just as safe as products certified under the JPMA program, but the JPMA seal is a good guide to safety for consumers–look for it on product packaging.

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