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Bracelets and Jewelry Accessories

It’s all about the Charm! Charms, charm bracelets and charm jewelry have a long history. From Ancient Egypt to Victorian England, today charms are a wonderful gift for young and old, and make a timeless and loving keepsake. In the sixties and seventies, the charm bracelet became very popular, but charm bracelets had actually been around for thousands of years before the popularity boom. Charms are known to some to produce special magic items that grant magical enhancements without needing to be equipped to do so. Charms can come in sterling silver or 14kt gold and will never go out of fashion. They tell the story of your life, show your interests or display your hobbies and reflect your personality.


Designed in Italy, the Italian charm craze caught on and even soccer players wore these bracelets featuring their country flag. In the 1990s, American tourists noticed the style and brought it back to the United States where the fashion caught on and has remained popular. Italian charms are flat, modular links that hook together to form an Italian charm bracelet, key chain, or other accessories. Italian charms are a fun and stylish way to accessorize your look and express your interests. These charm bracelets are designed by each individual to suit their individual tastes and reflect personality. A typical italian charm bracelet is comprised of eighteen italian charm links. While traditional charms dangle, Italian charms feature individual pieces soldered flat onto the surface of the link. Since sizes are consistent across brands, Italian charms are universally compatible. They allow you to show the world your individuality and interests by snapping together charms of your choice to create your own Italian charm bracelet. Their modular design means that Italian charm bracelets are interchangeable. Italian charms are one of the most enduring and popular fashion trends in jewelry. Italian bracelet charms and Italian charm jewelry make wonderful unique gifts.


Wine charms can add a bit of interesting flair to your wine, martini, and margarita glasses. Wine glass charms are becoming more and more popular and are the perfect wine gift. They also make it a breeze to identify which wine glass is your own. It’s very important that you’re set of wine charms consist of items that are physically different from one another. Give your wine guests a little favor, but something simple and reusable – give them a set of wine charms.


If you’re buying charm bracelets as a gift, think of the style that would fit that person. Maybe she is a mom, so celebrate the children in her life by listing the names on one bracelet. Or she is a graduate getting ready to go off to college. A great gift for eventful moments in our lives. Whether you’re looking for additions to your charm collection simply giving a charm as a gift, charms are a great gift idea – and are timeless. Charm bracelets are the perfect personalized gift for family and friends. The history of charm bracelets goes back to the ancient Egyptians. Queen Victoria also wore charm bracelets and started a new fashion trend amongst the nobles of Europe. The book chronicles moments of wisdom, love, humor and heartbreak from the lives of four women using the vintage gold charms from their bracelets to tell the stories. You can design an entire bracelet for somebody special, focusing on anything from family to hobbies.

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Accessories For Women A Mans Buying Guide

Now we all know that women love fashion and clothes. And we all know that women love gifts. However, when the two combine and are put onto a mans shopping list then it is often a recipe for disaster. I can count the amount of times I have made the mistake of buying a girlfriend a pair of shoes or a dress, for them never to be worn out in public.

Here a just a few truths which suggest that womens fashion and clothes should be permanently stricken from our shopping lists.

Firstly, most red blooded males havent got the faintest idea about their own sense of fashion and style, let alone what is IN in the female fashion world.

Secondly, and this is perhaps the issue that gets us in the most trouble; sizing. We could go out of our way to find out what the must have dress or jeans for a given season are, buy it and wrap it flawlessly only to buy the wrong size and be accused of calling them fat or hinting that they need to lose weight.

However, there is hope for all men wanting to surprise the women in their lives by buying them clothing theyll actually wear in public. The secret to this is not buy clothes per se but buy clothing accessories for women such as scarves, gloves, hats and jewels!

Although garments like these are subject to fashion trends, there is a host of classics in each category that are timeless. Arguably one of the finest, if not the finest, accessories for women is the hand woven pashmina shawl that has been a style piece since the Renaissance period. Being made from pure pashmina, the highest grade of cashmere there is, the touch and feel of the scarf alone make it such a sought after accessory by any woman.

Also due to the size of shawls, they can be styled in a variety of ways such as the knotted scarf, the wrap and the looped scarf to name a few.

Silk lined leather gloves are another timeless womans accessory. I would advise silk lined over cashmere in this instance as they will make the fingers look more slender and feminine than cashmere lined gloves. As for the colour, I would recommend a neutral black, brown or beige unless you are sure of a certain colour.

And last but by no means least; jewels. We all know how much women love their jewels and my tip for this accessory is simple diamonds, rubies, sapphires, pearls, gold, silver and platinum. Only precious stones and metal, that if youre a big spender.

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Body Jewelry and Piercings – Both Old and New

You might think that body jewelry is a new phenomenon, but the reality is that body jewelry has been worn in one form or another for almost 30,000 years. It’s certainly true that the techniques used and the materials available have undergone significant changes through the centuries but the idea remains the same. What you’ll find is that most people these days are using some form of body jewelry. No doubt earrings, technically a form of body jewelry, are one of the most common items, but ultimately many different types of body jewelry are worn in piercings and in almost any place you can imagine, and maybe a few you’d never dream of.

Among teenagers, body jewelry for tongues, noses, lips and eyebrows are the most frequently sought after and purchased items. And then there is quite a variety of body jewelry for more intimate parts of the body. The number and type of items available is constantly changing. Given the new composite materials being developed currently which are usable for body jewelry, it seems unlikely that the body jewelry industry will experience any decline in popularity. Still, the two most common materials used in body jewelry are stainless steel and titanium.

Stainless steels are generally classed into four generic categories, based on their composition. Not all are truly suitable for making body jewelry. The 200 series stainless steel contains chromium, nickel and manganese. The 300 series contains chromium and nickel. The 400 series contains chromium and the 500 series contains low chromium. The most commonly used stainless steels for body jewelry corrosion are those in the 300 series because of their resistance to corrosion.

Although the stainless steels used contain some nickel, they don’t release nickel salts into the body and therefore are highly unlikely to lead to nickel contact dermatitis.

Most stainless steel body jewelry items are electro-polished. This is a reasonably sophisticated surface finishing technique which leaves the finished surface very smooth and free of any crevices or fissures. The result is a significantly higher surface integrity which is ideal for body jewelry.

Alternatively, titanium has recently become very popular as a material for body jewelry. In fact, it is challenging stainless steel as the favored metal. The main reason for the increasing favor shown titanium is that titanium body jewelry items are about half the weight of equivalent stainless steel items. In addition, titanium can be anodized and this creates a marvelous variety of colors when contrasted with the single option of stainless steels silver appearance. Not only pretty – or attractively masculine (depending on who you are) – the oxide layer on titanium also is highly resistant to corrosion.

So if you’re looking to get a piercing (of whatever sort), you are joining a historically honored trend going back thousands of years and today you’ll find a much safer and more attractive mix of items suitable for the most conservative to the most radical devotee of piercing and body jewelry.

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Does UGG Enable Me to Be in Trend

Sheepskin boots from Australia do not only live for winter any longer. We are suggested to trust in what we see in everyday commutation. Numerous women wear UGG boots with skirts, shorts, pants and so on. Stylish adolescents wear boots with bright colors in each season. Hollywood starlets wear these boots while accepting an award. Surfers are not exception of course. They wear these waterproof boots on beach. People of any age and in any nation send out demands whose quantity has never been exceeded by any other brand.

People who tend to buy a pair of UGG boots in weekend are advised to consider for a few minutes at present. What do you know about UGG? Did you see these sheepskin boots before? To be honest, looks of sheep skinned boots entered into fashion world before the seventies. Pilots in World Warwore them in those long and cold nights in battle. Sheep shearers wrapped their feet with the best parts of sheepskin even earlier than this. Incomparable comfort and warmth on this leather enable them to work outdoors. You may have seen these boots everywhere such as on the Internet, in local mall or stores themselves. If you are a college student, you may even have purchased a pair or two in your wardrobe. However, you are likely to recollect them if being a little closer to the baby boomer generation when surfers set a tide of sheepskin boots in surfing circle by their wearing back.

It is said that the name of UGG is another spelling of ugly. This understanding is attributed to the first line of products from it actually. It is reported nobody accepted those sheep skinned boots because of their strange and ugly images. Whether this is true or not, people who wore them at the faraway beginning considered them to be functional enough.

Hearing the sentence of “I prefer to freeze rather than wear UGG Australia boots”, I was astonished. Does my sheep skinned boots enable me to be in trend? Searching on the Internet, I found many people regarded people who were crazily fond of wearing this style of boots as hard workers on quarry. Others stated these boots did nothing useful except reminding them of memories in poor childhood. I was glad to see there were still some people admitted this kind of boots could be worn in any time and age.

UGG is like an encyclopedia of fashion. It seems impossible for it to build a worldwide reputation. However, the most controversial matters are inclined to break various limitations and become the most renowned. Debate on whether to wear or not to wear UGG Australia boots exactly speaks for the reputation of them. Who plays a trendsetter role usually? The answer must be celebrities. Pictures of their wearing of these stylish-colored and genuine sheep skin boots continue to be photographed, which cause a continuous demand of UGG from common people.

It is time to get back to my confusion now. Does my UGG enable me to be in trend? However, I begin to not mind the answer. Does this really matter? No! I tend to enjoy its incomparable comfort and warmth more. A cozy and dry space is assured whatever outside climate is. Repelling moisture and coldness, they do give me a larger choice on apparel. To be slim in winter is admitted exactly by their existence. However, a new problem begins to perplex me. How to make a right decision in so many styles and colors?

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Designer Ties Make A Statement

Dress for success, we’ve all heard that advice and many cases, it’s true. The way you dress does send a message. When you’re in the business and corporate world, it’s important that the message you send is the right one.

Here are different styles of ties and how they can reflect on you:

Cartoon and Novelty Ties These convey a sense of humour, jokester, someone who doesn’t take himself too seriously. In some situations, a novelty tie is appropriate. In the business world when you are trying to close a deal–not normally a great fit.

Pink Ties The pink tie portrays a sense and respect of fashion, confidence, style and the finer things in life. Softer shades of pink would be more appropriate for job interviews rather than a strong, vibrant pink–you don’t want the focus to be on your tie!

Striped Ties The classic striped tie portrays style, stability, strength, class. A striped tie would be an appropriate choice for business meetings, job interviews and events that require professionalism.

Small to Medium Patterned Ties Smaller patterns that are not overwhelming are a good choice for the business and corporate world. Checks, paisleys, and alternate color thread weaves are stylish and portray creativity, strength and class.

Large Patterned Ties Larger patterns can be overbearing, but fun at the same time. If you want to be taken seriously and the focus kept on your solo presentation but not on your tie–larger patterned ties are best kept for social activities. They can portray a sense of style, confidence and flamboyancy.

Solid Color Ties Reflects professionalism, traditional and no-nonsense. If you are wearing a patterned shirt, the solid color tie is a must unless you are going for a look that’s a bit helter skelter.

You can use your fashion choices to help people perceive you the way you want them to. Clean, well pressed, well fitted and appropriate attire will send a strong first impression about the level of professionalism and business edge you want to portray. As they say…Dress for Success!

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A-Line Formal Dresses to Flatter Every Body Shape

It is smart to choose A-line formal dresses to flatter different body shape, no matter it is in a hurry to find one to urgent event, or you want to buy one for your friend that you don’t know her body shape, this is definitely a perfect choice. At that time you will find the benefits of A-line styles.

Here are some great advantages that you cant miss this gorgeous and multifunctional style.

First, they are Practical

This style of gown is really practical for young ladies who have no clear ideas what to wear. It’s the final wardrobe necessary when concerning to outfits. The outfit is an excellent option, the global style that never goes out of fashion. When you are finding the complete style that not only compliments your figure but provides you bends in positions you desire, this style is your finest bet. For the feasible girl, this style is precious as it gives versatility and pliability in any event. By having the ability to wear it differently in many events, it means to less require to spend on gowns such as the sale.

Second, flexibility and versatility

For young ladies with realistic appreciation, flexibility and versatility are excellences to find in a considerable gown. A-line attires give these advantages and can be drawn in lots of unusual ways. It just needs a little inventiveness to make it appear gorgeous. There are some easy things you can do to change an ordinary A-line gown into something stylish and gorgeous.

You can change it, adorn it or complement it, no matter what you select, will deliver you the wanted effect and gain elegance to the gown. You can put on the attire long or short, so you can change its length when you desire. Attaching ornaments will provide it more brightness, such as jewellery, beadings, rhinestones, ribbons, sequins, prints and other things.

You can either gain one of these fabrics or blend them. Finally, accessorizing can be a wonderfully thought if you don’t have enough time to make settings to this style. By gaining the great accessories and in intermediate aggregates, your gown can work admirations for you. You have now your fresh formal gown for less.

Third, it is suitable for any event

Its excellent and contrasted style makes the A-line attire a considerable option for any celebration, may it be formal or informal. It can be tired in functionally any place and theme as it can be changed, adorned and accessorized to adapt the party. This excellent gown appears perfect in wedding, even your own style. It can be a wonderful option for the bridal gown or bridesmaid wear. For whatever benefit you may want, the gown can be a wise option.

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All About Men’s Calvin Klein Suits

The cutting and sewing of cloth developed between12th Century to 14th Century. That was the first time the term “Tailor” came into being. Prior to this period, clothes hung loosely to their body. Later the loose robe was stitched to show the contours of the body. More importance was given on tailoring.

Louis XIV started encouraging the coats, vests, and breeches. The modernized form of this is the dress Calvin Klein suit which is worn nowadays. In the late 1660s, for the first time straight-cut vest fitting the figure made its appearance. Soon it became common with people to wear vest or waistcoats. Also available in 3 Button Calvin Klein suits, Italian Calvin Klein suits.

With time, the old form of heavy decorative attire became simpler. There was restrain in the dressing of men. The English tailors dominated the male fashion scene. Woolen fabric was the most preferred fabric by the tailors to make the Calvin Klein suits. Their expertise in using well fitting woolen Calvin Klein suit became fashionable. The Calvin Klein suits were simple and perfectly cut.

History of Woolen Fabrics Calvin Klein suits

This use of wool began in central Asia about 10,000 years ago. Wool is durable, versatile, elastic, and very flexible. The wool is obtained from variety of breeds of sheep from locations with different climatic conditions. The wool is obtained by removing wool from the sheep. This is process is called sheep shearing. The raw wool is made to refined products like Tweed and worsted by canvas work, knitting, spinning, and weaving.

The Durability of Woolen Fabrics Calvin Klein suits

When compared to fabrics like silk, silk, and rayon, the woolen fabric is more durable. This makes it a perfect fabric to make coats, jackets, shirts, and overcoats. offers mens Calvin Klein suits, mens dress Calvin Klein suits, mens business Calvin Klein suits, double breasted mens Calvin Klein suits for sale also in discount and rental mens Calvin Klein suits available in woolen fabric from Los Angeles, USA which specify as follows :-

As per the scientific records, it has been proved that the people who finds difficult to identify others will make through their mind with regards to opponent skin color, sex, appearance, speech, way of dressing and behavior. Men use to make some sort of mistake while wearing mens Calvin Klein Calvin Klein suit. Some of them are

* Try to avoid short sleeve with a tie. Generally, short sleeve shirts are considered to be low class wear. * The other important factor considered in mens Calvin Klein suit is shoes. Men should wear shoes cleanly, proper condition, shine look, repaired and it should be Calvin Klein suit able for the occasion of the day. People are suggested to prefer lace up shoes, so that men have enhancing look of formal, sophistication, royal and trendy. * The trousers should be tailored long as it covers the socks properly. Generally, trousers should cover the socks and socks should cover the shins. The socks and shoes should match with your Calvin Klein suit. Pants will be long enough when slight break is applied in the front. Pleats and cuffs are the vital requirements in trousers and while tailoring it should be considered. * Avoid wearing belt and braces together. The belts should match the shoes and try to avoid mismatching costumes with mens Calvin Klein suit . * The tie is the other important factor in mens Calvin Klein suit. Make sure that tie chosen matches your Calvin Klein suit and also it reaches till your belt line. The tie should not be too long or too short. It should be correct enough to add impressive look. The ties should be knotted properly and it should be known that proper knotted ties should have dimple. * The sports jacket should match the occasion chosen to wear. The buttons cuts, fits should be designed properly and it should be emphasis the tradition consequently as per trend and culture.

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Are Fancy Dress Costumes Still Popular

Wearing fancy dress costumes on special occasions is not a new concept. The costume parties where the people appear in attractive fancy dress have been very popular in the United States for quite a long period of time. Though many people have a misconception that the fancy dress is slowly losing popularity and will eventually become history in the near future, the statistics of the use of fancy dress costumes seem to have headed in a different path. Statistics indicate that the popularity of the fancy dress is steadily increasing than ever before. In fact, the fancy dress suppliers out there are not able to cope up with the demand now. You may be wondering what made these fancy dress costumes rise in popularity very quickly through this decade. As a matter of fact there are many reasons behind this huge popularity of the costume parties and the huge demand for the fancy dress.

The Concept Of Copying The Costumes Of Movie Characters

The introduction of the concept of making exact replicas of the costumes used in the Hollywood movies is one of the main reasons why these fancy dresses are popular today. Who will not love to be dressed like Spiderman and attend a costume party? To the added excitement, there are many fancy dress accessories which can be used to bring the realism of the comical and movie characters. Lets take the Spiderman outfits for example. There are web shooting attachments that come along with the Spiderman fancy dress that will make you feel like the real super hero. Unlike the olden days when these costumes were manufactured in traditional cotton cloths, today with the advancements in technology, these costumes come in different materials with maximum details. The muscle definition in the Hollywood inspired fancy dress is an excellent example to maximum detailing.

The Availability Of Fancy Dress Online

The fancy dress suppliers have shifted from the high streets to online superstores which have made buying these costumes a lot easier than ever before. People dont have to head all the way to the streets and search for the fancy dress they are looking for. Instead, they can just relax in their homes and find the best costume suited for the occasion with just a few mouse clicks. With the introduction of the online stores, the concept of costume parties is also spreading very fast to all the parts of the world.

When Todays Fashion Becomes Tomorrows Fancy Dress

The 80s fancy dress is very popular today. Remember the fact that the costumes that we call as “80s fancy dress” were the main fashion trend of that period. It literally means that some of the fashion trends of today will change into the fashion dress of tomorrow. Hence the trend of costume parties and the demand of fancy dress will exist as long as unique fashion exists.

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Be on time with the help of your stylish watch

Everyone knows that different wrist watches shows the same time but still people are mad and crazy for buying the trendy wrist watches this year. I know you are looking for a perfect wrist watch for your wrist in 2010. Before buying any wrist watch it is important to know that you are going to buy the watch for a casual use or a special ceremony use. Wrist watches from the best brands are usually costly and beautiful. Spending on wrist watches is never an issue for wrist watch lovers.

Some people are even so crazy about wrist watches that they buy new wrist watch every 6 month for their collection. It is common to hear that buying wrist watches is a hobby of many people. Wearing wristwatch somehow has become a fashion statement these days.

Girls might go crazy about Miss Sixty stylish watches. It looks fresh and fit on any occasions that a young girl could ever possibly encounter.

For you trendy timepiece lover men, various types of watches are available for men that include dress watches, casual watches, fashion and stylish watches and sports watches. However each model of watch may be different in its features and design from other watches. Luxury watch category include watches made of gold, silver, platinum and other expensive material.

Men like to invest more and more to be stylish regarding their accessories like watches. They try to carry bracelet watches to be more prominent among others. However men should be very careful in purchasing watches regardless of any type of watch. Watches are also given as gifts to people on different occasions and events.

Calvin Klein in the design of watches is the synonym of style. As the pioneers in fashion watches, the company marks a prominent position in the history of watches. Most of their chef-doeuvre is under the name CK. Polished and appealing outlook marks their endowments. Watches generated by the CK company is reluctant to both form and contribution. Fame traveled all these years and now is in its topmost form. Men and women cherish these watches as it has turned out to be the leading one in the international level.

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Androgynous Look Womens style in Fashion

What is Androgynous? As a look of a female resembling a male? Popularized by actress Diane Keaton in the 1970’s movie Annie Hall, and copied as fashion apparel. Kate Bosworth and Amanda Peet recently went androgynous at New York Fashion Week. Sex and the City most recent movie show again the fashion that elevates the power of women with a range of gorgeous styles to suit all tastes. Carrie played by Sarah Jessica Parker wears an androgynous style outfit that highlights the popularity of this style in fashion to hit the streets either at work or play. The androgynous look is a fun way to dress for work if your dress code forbids denim. You wont need to go all out to pull the look off as single elements of the trend will be just as effective. Kate Bosworth and Amanda Peet embraced the menswear inspired fashion trend at the Rag & Bone Runway Show in Bryant Park.

Since 2007 a new kind of power dressing for women has emerged in recent times providing a stylish alternative to the classic work suit. The androgynous look has been keeping ultra-feminine fashion in check on the catwalk, seeing a trend towards nipped tailoring and bold, brash statement dressing changing the way we dress for the office forever.

Whilst following all the current trends in the office is fun and fashionable, it also breaks the boundaries between work and play and like it or not, unless you work in the fashion industry, your boss will appreciate the smart and serious look rather than the ultra glam girl persona you may lead out of hours!

Power dressing may sound scary but it isnt if you carefully balance your look. Sometimes you might want to look fierce in front of colleagues and at others you might want to appear part of the crowd, so why not match your look to your work mood and start making big impressions through your clothesnow thats power dressing. Whether youve tried to win over a stubborn client or wanting to impress the rest of your colleagues with your ideas, the key is to choose clothes that ooze confidence. Feel confident as well as look it by choosing slimming styles that you feel comfortable wearing. Power dressing demands a fearless attitude which youll never convincingly achieve if you dont like what you see in the mirror in the morning.

Choose trousers if youre unsure of baring your legs and leave the killer stilettos at home if you fear toppling over in the boardroom. Combine subtle pinstripe, slim leg trousers with pointed heels for a feminine, slimming look. Always wear high heels but opt for a chunkier heel rather than a stiletto for stability and a perfect, confident walk. Pick jackets and blazers that are nipped in at the waist to create flattering curves and choose bold colours to wear underneath weak pastel shades are the power dressers major fashion faux pas; beige is anything but brave choose an ambitious red or empowering orange.

If youre not sure about colour, embrace monochrome which is big business this season. Experiment with tailoring that features white lining and pinstripes, or simply add chic to a black suit with a thin white belt or bright crisp shirt. Never wear anything too detailed or patterned when power dressing (you want to be bold dont let your clothes steal the show). Choose straight, classic tailoring, smart, high-waist pencil skirts or trousers and find a style that you feel most confident and comfortable in. Always keep accessories to a minimum choosing silver jewellery for subtle sparkle and a subtle leather tote or handbag to finish your confident, empowering and fashionably fierce look.

Fashion Overview
We at SovaCollection have noticed this shift in a trend since the 80s that enduring the period of time fashion and has been the fundamental time portal into the fashion culture and popular art with the feeling of that given age. Whether you liked what was popular in mainstream at that time, it still left its mark forever embedded in people’s memories. Fashion as a whole is a “personal mode of expression”, which was denoted by the hysteria of that time shown by the media, or by music that was popular at that time. We saw this as far back in the eighties, where the mode of feeling was innovative and experimental.

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