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The Features Of Maurice Lacroix Starside Eternal Moon Watch And Starside Magic Seconds Watch

Maurice Lacroix Starside Designer Watch is especially designed for ladies who pursue for unique quality and exquisite elegance. In order to highlight watchs innovative characteristic, watch designers add the characteristics of poetry, modern feel and womensspirit to the watch, paying tribute to traditional watchmaking crafts. The watch features arc-shaped lust, the elegant bezel inlaid with diamonds. The special design crown and sapphire crystal glass endow this watch with shiny and mysterious color.

Another detail of this watch is that a diamond-built river featured on the face plate, which adds harmony feeling to the watch. The whole watch is full of elegant and poetry beauty. IMoon phase of Starside Eternal Moon China Watch displays under the sapphire crystal glass. The IMoon phase dial attracts peoples focus with its post-modern hand art.

Maurice Lacroix Starside Eternal Moon watch

Movement: hand-decorated ML160 self winding movement, 26 pieces jewelry, blue steel screws, exclusive automatic plate
Vibration: 28,800 times per hour
Function: hours, minutes and seconds display
Dial: center date display window, week and month display window placed in the position of 5 and 7olcock, the IMoon phase located in the position of 12oclock
Case: steel case
Glass: anti-glare sapphire crystal glass
Caseback: sapphire crystal caseback
Water resistance: 50 meters
Watch diameter: 38mm
Face plate: pink with black or beige with black face plate, inlaid with 31 pieces diamonds and hand engraved markers
Strap: steel strap with folding clasp

Starside Magic Seconds watch endue the small seconds hand dial with a new appearance: use the rotating dial instead of second hand. The rotating dial is decorated with blue or transparent cabochon jewelry, displaying the big date window in the position of 12oclock. The self winding movement and automatic plate are especially created and they will last for a long time. The special steel strap with the suitable size case offer comfortable feeling to wearers.

Starside Magic Seconds watch

Movement: hand-decorated ML160 self winding movement, 26 pieces jewelry, blue steel screws, exclusive automatic plate
Vibration: 28,800 times per hour
Function: hours and minutes display
Dial: big date window and small seconds dial placed in the position of 12oclock and 6 oclock.
Case: steel case
Glass: anti-glare sapphire crystal glass
Caseback: sapphire crystal caseback
Water resistance: 50 meters
Watch diameter: 38mm

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Trend Spotting Modern Tees Keep Talking

Today’s t-shirts reveal more about you than their cotton threads could ever cover up. It’s not that they are cut differently or show any more skin than they have in the past. No, the tee shape is still the same old “T” shape. Rather, it’s the printed messages and sayings contained by these modern shirts that have changed – and changed profoundly. Tees no longer believe in giving others the silent treatment. Nowadays, when they’re feeling pissed or playful, you’ll know it!

Graphic t-shirts of today are stepping out of the wardrobe and into the spotlight. With your chest as their platform, tees are yelling, insulting, and joking their way into our hearts. These tees aren’t afraid to tell it like it is, and by doing so, they give us a glimpse into the twisted minds of others.

A funny or offensive shirt does more than just bring upon a laugh or an awkward stare, it reveals important information about your personality, your nature, your temperament.

There’s a reason why so many of these humor tees are seen in movies nowadays. They explain everything we need to know about a character’s personality without the narrator having to actually state it explicitly.

Really, you’d be hard pressed to find a cult-classic or modern college flick that doesn’t feature a main character wearing a tee with a cool catchphrase in a few scenes.

You’ve no doubt seen the gangsta parody shirt featuring the toilet paper roll and the catchphrase, “That’s How I Roll.” Or how about the infamous drunk character stumbling out of the bar at 3 am, wearing the now-famous “Friends Don’t Let Friends Dial Drunk” shirt? Shirts like these make a funny scene even funnier, all while drilling home the dramatic irony.

This casual fashion meets quasi-philosophy movement is the fastest growing trend in clothing industry.

Yes, we’ve quickly become a nation of walking billboards. One where a proper sartorial display of crude wit and urban sophistication can break the ice and gain you instant acceptance into the cool crowd.

It’s guerrilla marketing at its finest. And the only product you’re branding is you.

There are many hidden layers of your personality that are waiting to be revealed by the right choice of shirt. Choose wisely.

So make sure your next shirt says all the right things about you. Ditch the plain white and go for something with a crazy saying or hilarious slogan.

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The Best Jelly Belly Beans

Candies are something which never goes out of fashion. No matter how big you grow in life, you will never stop loving them. For children, they are the most delicious and attractive treats, the market is full of such candies. In that case, choosing the most mouth-watering one is a difficult task. Therefore, to save you from this confusion, you can simply stick to jelly beans are your favorite candy. Many of us must be aware about this term. They are a type of candies which are available in a number of flavors.

When you put one of these in your mouth, you will experience a very hard body of the bean. As you try to bite into it, a soft jelly type gum will come out. This is the main characteristic which makes it different from others. The main ingredients of this type of candy are sugar, starch and corn syrup. But, what matters is the recipe to make them. Not many of us know the recipe of a jelly bean. Even though it is an easy one, but no one wants to take the effort of making it at home. But the question of making them at home does not arise when the entire market is full of these.

Jelly beans are available in a plenty of flavors in UK. One can get cherry, lemon, orange, lime, lemonade, grape and strawberry. For children, these colors are so attractive that they wish to get all of them at one go. If you wish to gift a child something unique on his/her birthday, then you can give him/her a packet full of this colorful jelly belly. Even at various stores in the market, one an easily see candy extracting machines. These machines either charge money or give such products by just clicking on a button.

They will be full of such candies and can easily attract so many kids towards them. Even you can also purchase a machine like this to store jelly belly. One can use this machine as a bribe to make their children study and do their work properly. Many companies in the market manufacture such machines. They will be ready to give you one of these at a certain fixed price. If you do not wish to have one of these, then buying a packet is the best idea. Therefore no matter what you like, jelly beans are something which will always be loved by any human being.

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Why Are Replica Handbags Becoming Popular and Fashionable

In our day and age, it is no longer completely fashionable (or admirable) to splurge thousands of dollars for a few handbags. Everyone is feeling the crunch of the recession. Nevertheless, people are still sticking to their fashionable tastes. Theyve found a way around this recession replica handbags. Handbags are a signature expression, like clothes.

When you carry a handbag from well known luxury brands like Hermes, youre making a statement about yourself youre telling people that you feel confident and beautiful. You dont have to spend all your savings on luxury bags and feel bad about it later on. Because replica handbags are fast becoming a fashion trend in different countries around the world, from the UAE to the US its time that you got in on the trend too!

There are so many brands that you can choose from when you want quality replica bags. From Versace to Hermes to Gucci to Prada, the list is nearly endless. And best of all, the prices are very affordable. Unlike the originals that can cost you one thousand dollars a piece, replica handbags will only cost you a few hundred dollars or even less. During the holidays, you can expect even lower prices from great online suppliers who know how to treat their customers well. If you buy two or three at a time, you can even get bigger discounts; hows that for a great shopping experience?

Some people are doubtful about online shopping websites that offer replica handbags. This is quite normal; after all, there are a lot of frogs out there. But you can be sure that there would still be some good companies who are always willing to treat their customers fairly. You should go out of your way to find these rare gems, because you will be able to source handbags, tote bags and purses from these great websites at no risk.

Find a good supplier that has a good, solid collection of different handbags and start ordering. Look at how many years the company has been in the business before you place an online order. Look at the way they offer their products. If they use hype to sell, with no guarantee of quality, then dont buy from them. Buy online from websites who are genuinely concerned with happy consumers. After all, at the end of the day, happy customers are the reason why internet shopping is thriving.

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Trend Alert Mens Zipper Jacket

Zipper embellishments have been all the rage in women’s fashion, and now the gentlemen can also partake in this trendy party. A mens zipper jacketis a great way to add a little flash to your wardrobe. Zipper jackets generally have several zippers in non standard places (arms, back, sides), and may not serve any purpose other than to look great. These jackets can be worn in the most casual and semi-casual of settings and we suggest that you get one while you can!

Street Vibe

Brands like Coogi, Rocawear, and Quicksilver cater to men that enjoy wearing casual street wear. Coogi has numerous zipper jackets and we found several fashionable versions that you are sure to enjoy. Coogis military textured jacket is more like a coat and is very heavy. The zippers on this coat happen to be placed around the neck, around the cuffs, and in the center of the jacket. Other Coogi zipper jackets

Quicksilvers full fleece zip up is perfect for winter weather. Described as the Holy Grail of winter wear, the fleece zip up comes full quipped with a hoodie, a full length zipper, and two front pocket. Other Quicksilver zipper jackets

Outdoor Jackets

This Outback mens bush pilot jacket is attractive and classic. The jacket can be worn for the adventurous man who rides a motorcycle, flies a plane, hunts, or works on a ranch. Even if you aren’t the adventurous type this pilot jacket will make you feel adventurous! The pilot jacket features a sturdy frontal zipper, double entry snap flap pockets, and weatherproof fabric.

If a sport jacket is what you need, consider purchasing River Road’s Taos textile motorcycle jacket. The zippers on the jacket are waterproof and the front of the jacket boasts a two way zipper’you can zip the jacket up or down for access. Reflective piping will allow you to be seen by other motorists, and the adjustable cuffs have hook and loop closure.


Dinner and a movie? A date? Lunch meeting? Casual Friday? Chances are you still want to look your best without looking like you’re out with the crew or lounging in the garage. Scully men’s sanded calfskin leather jean jacket is the perfect jacket for day to night semi casual events. Banana Republic’s suede zipper detail jacket is the perfect mesh of casual and business combined. The jacket will go perfectly with a collard shirt and slacks, and also looking becoming with a nice pair of jeans and polished loafers.

While the zipper detailing and embellishments do appear to be very trendy, select jackets that can transcend several seasons and years making them classic pieces in your wardrobe. A simple scarf or a pair of aviator sunglasses can be added to your ensemble to make you appear even more fashion forward. Lighter jackets can be worn during brisk Fall mornings, and cool Spring evenings. Heavier zipper coats can last an entire winter. You can’t go wrong with a men’s zipper jacket.

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Fashion Trend Alert Danskin Leotards

The fashion world is going gaga over Danskin leotard and skin-tight apparel. From leggings to footless tights to skinny jeans, everything, tight is in. Recently, fashion models are walking the runway wearing leotards. A leotard is a skin-tight garment, one-piece that covers the upper torso. It cuts off at the legs. It was originally worn by acrobats, dancers and gymnasts. However, today, it has been making resurgence in the fashion industry.

Most people think that Danskin leotards are a new trend, but the truth is that they have been around for a very long time now. It was first used in the 18th century by French dancers. In the 1920s and 30s, the leotard was the inspiration for swimsuits. It influenced bathing suit styles everywhere. It was also then that those who perform in Broadway shows wore leotards. In the 50s, leotards took a break and were used simply as exercise garments and performance wear for dancers and gymnasts. They were usually paired together with tights for full coverage. However, in the 70s, leotards played a major role in fashion. Because of disco and aerobics, leotards became very popular. They began to be made in nylon and spandex. Celebrities like Jane Fonda popularized the use of leotards as street wear. It was also then that Danskin flourished as one of the most trusted sellers of leotards.

Today, the queen of reinvention was the first to revive the leotard. Madonna wore violet and purple leotards both onstage and on her videos. Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera soon followed the trend. Beyonce is also a celebrity who uses leotards in her performances. The infamous Lady Gaga also is popular for wearing leotards as every wear, and was quoted saying that it was never too cold to wear a leotard.

Some people are afraid to wear leotards, because they can be quite hard to pul off. However, there are some ways to make you seem less tacky and classier. The trick to wearing a leotard for street wear is never to go overboard. Stick to something simpler and you can easily pull it off.

You can get a lot of varieties on the leotard. However, you should avoid spandex one which are too dated and not really appropriate for everyday use. Leave those to the dancers and gymnasts. Stick to regular fabric or lace.

You can wear your Danskin leotard with any pair of pants or shorts, but they look best in high waist skirts and high waist pants. In fact, you can wear it with any bottom that you can tuck a shirt into. It provides a cleaner and even sleeker look than regular tucking. Leotards can also work if you wear them under corset tops. If you want an edgy, modern look, you can wear a corset over the leotard. You can also use it with a vest or blazer to update the look, and make it look more comfortable and laid back. There are a lot of fashion options when it comes to leotards.

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Fashion Me Summer 2017 Hottest Trends

In the world of fashion, a new season does not only mean a change in the environment. Its more importantly a change of trends, colors, textiles, texturesa whole new template by which to dress the world.

At the end of the day, being fashionable is all in the way you carry yourself. Youve seen enough fashion-forward personalities looking quite dreamy in what would have been a nightmare if worn by anyone else. But if youre not one of these rare beings gifted with a fierce sense of style and self-confidence, here are some of the hottest trends to hit the fashion world this summer season to clue you in:

Sizzling Shorts Hot pants are not for everyone, but if youre brave enough to try, then go for it girl! Take note that hot pants are not your everyday idea of “pants” at all. Having the word “hot” in its name serves to warn you that these articles of clothing are only to be worn by those who can handle the heat.

With hemlines riding up to shorter than short, these hot pants give you one more reason to hit the gym religiously. Pair it with a dainty billowy top, a simple loose tee, or another hot trend, the boyfriend blazer and chic heels to further elongate your legs.

From the Boys The boyfriend blazer is simply that: a slightly over-sized blazer that is meant to look like you borrowed it from the boys. Take note though, it may be over-sized, but it should not swallow your frame. Go for one size bigger, no more, no less. When choosing one, the shoulders should come no more than an inch and a half away from your own. Roll up the sleeves for an instant dose of relaxed cool.

Fashion Wars Hints of battle gear are all over the fashion world lately. From gladiator sandals to belts and buckles to military styles to tribal prints, it seems fashionistas are bracing themselves for a fashion war. If youd like to enlist yourself, remember that the key pieces are leather, metal, buckles, and strong shoulders. Top with unexpectedly feminine hair accessories in dark colors to add a few soft details to an otherwise masculine look.

Too Cute to be True From hot to boyish to downright mannish, this new summer trend takes you to the exact opposite direction: ultra-feminine. Hair accessories have come back with a vengeance. But if you think its back to the good ol prim and proper plain Janes with the plain bows, youre thankfully wrong!

This summer season, its all about being fun, quirky and free while still celebrating your femininity. Hair clips are no longer just cutesy baby gifts, big girls can wear them now too. Recently seen on the runways of Marc Jacobs, Diane von Furstenberg, Temperley and Luella, this is a trend thats definitely here to stay.

Its never easy to predict which trends are keepers and which are simply “flavor of the month.” These trends may be hot right now, but tacky next season. So how do you know which one to invest in? Invest in yourself. If you have a strong sense of self, whatever you wear will merely serve to complement your glowing personality. Still, what better way to complement your fun personality than with the seasons fun trends, right?

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Why Do People Like Juicy Couture Jewelry

Theres no better way to lighten up a womans day but to present her with fine jewelries. This, however, is not addressed to men. A woman can make her dull day happy by simply going her own way searching for that perfect piece of jewelry to complete her collection. A modern-day woman buys her own stuff. She doesnt need a man to do that for her. Thats exactly the message that you can get from a funky piece of Juicy Couture Jewelry.

Unique and bold, so it seems, Juicy Couture is still able to maintain a modern womans feminine side intact. No matter how much it tries to reinvent itself, one thing remains in Juicy Coutures collection of jewelriesthat is the touch of flair that only a real woman has.

Juicy Couture offers a huge selection of jewelries ranging from charms and bracelets to earrings, necklaces and even watches. These are all available in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes. Basically, lots of different styles and designs are being used in Juicy Coutures line of jewelriessomething that you have never seen before in any other brands collection.

Most Juicy Couture Jewelry, however, are available in gold which are accented by trinkets of shapes and objects that you dont usually find in a jewelry. The amusing thing about it is that, the designers seem to be always able to pull it off. No matter how loud and experimental a design is, the end product remains classy and elegant.

The bestsellers among Juicy Coutures line are the chunky bangles and cuff bracelets that look really adorable when worn with any casual attire. It can easily spruce up your once dull wardrobe.

The prices of Juicy Couture Jewelry can range from $40 for cute mobile phone charms to as expensive as $250 for an elegant necklace. These figures seem a bit expensive but for Juicy aficionados, its all worth it.

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Flesh Tunnels-Stretch The Imagination

When body jewellery is utilised to stretch an area of skin, such as the earlobe or nostril, the item is known as an ear stretcher or flesh tunnel. They are also referred to as earlets, spacers, spools, expanders, an eyelet or a fleshy.

You can find them available in a very wide assortment of different shapes, styles and sizes which permits the piercing region to be held within it’s existing location and size at the same time opening up more space inside of the spool or ring.

The dimensions of these items can be bought in sizes varying from 2. 40mm to 50.00mm with increments of 2. 00mm between each size. This will allow you work your way up to bigger tunnels and spools more steadily. You will discover there are numerous materials to pick from when you are looking to buy. Some of the more popular materials are bone, horn, coconut, silicone, plastic and surgical steel.

It’s a popular misunderstanding that flesh tunnels and flesh plugs are one in the same, yet they are actually 2 different types of jewellery altogether. Flesh plugs are of a solid design and are used to “plug the hole”. Flesh tunnels on the other hand are hollow rings which are used to stretch the skin and maintain the opening once it’s established.

Any kind of piercing which has been stretched can usually house a flesh tunnel. They are commonly seen on the earlobe, however they are often placed at the septum. This gives a very distinctive look.

Normally you will find 3 types of fitting for this kind of expanding jewellery.

1. The first 1 is Single flared. They are flared out but only at the front end. They’re held in position on the rear side using a silicone or rubber o-ring.

2. The 2nd one is the double flared. As the name suggests they are flared on both sides and it’s the flares that hold the item securely in position.

3. Finally the third is known as Screw backed. These ones flare out at the front, yet they feature a removable threaded ring at the rear of the tunnel. This allows the item to be firmly kept in one spot.

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Summer fashion trends for todays women

What to wear this summer? It’s a recurrent question that gives no rest to stylish people and fashion freaks. Unlike previous year when womens wardrobe was full of elegant feminine and flattering contours outfits, this year womens outfits are proceeding towards honest and simple approach to dressing.

If you have not updated your wardrobe yet, its perfect time to start putting away the heavy, drab winter clothes and dress up yourself in light and bright colors. So what are you thinking for? This summer comes with colors like white, grey, navy blue; browns are reassured and warm with violet tones.

Themes for this summer: Active sports wear, dancers workout clothes are the inspiration behind Get Sporty collection. Marnis close-fitting jackets were teamed with cropped and stripped leggings. The designers like Thakoon, Rodarte, and Alexander McQueen seems to be inspired with beauty of roses and peonies this summer. The romantic vision is blossomed with lots of structured dresses, tops and gowns. Eighteen centurys influence is coming back in 2007 with a punk feel. The feminine silhouette is getting large with eminent volume and layers with a couture-like aristocratic and royal appeal. Swingy shape dresses and skirts are comfortable to wear in summer. The inspiration came from Yves Saint Laurents collection of 1958. Golden and silver looks have gained importance in this season. This season group of fashion designers has not forgotten to use golden, pewter, and coppers colors in slinky dresses, coats, bags and shoes. With some of these dresses in summer collection you need not wear jewelry as they come with embedded jewelry. Like, an outfit with jeweled neckline avoids the need to wear a necklace.


Summer has come up with light colors. White is key color of the season. Colors like grey, navy blue have been used to give glamorous look. Bright colors have come back with red-orange and fuchsia. Cool, neutrals will always find a place in your summer wardrobes.

The baggy look dresses had been welcomed this season. I feel big, loose-fitting separates can be worn by both slim and slightly overweight women. You can put on perhaps a hat or chunky bracelet with your dress. I hope you will like it. This summer the length of blouses are little bit longer. It is an inch below navel and covers half of hips. For your second or third date you may wear black and white print border shift dress. The black and white combination doesnt look contrast but it moved softer and transformed into shady grey and off white. How about trying the combination of white embroidery on black background or vice versa? Isnt it great for dinner with your client!

In these sunny days black string bikini is funky and easy to wear. These simple sun dresses are perfect for the soaring temperatures without sacrificing style and fashion. To accessorize your outfits, try an over-sized bag with lots of details or bold, bug-eyed sunglasses. These trendy extras are sure to make a fashion statement. So its time to brush up your cabinet with some sporty, romantic, and sophisticated dresses. Have fun, be creative, and shine this season with these great outfits.

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