Fashion Me Summer 2017 Hottest Trends

In the world of fashion, a new season does not only mean a change in the environment. Its more importantly a change of trends, colors, textiles, texturesa whole new template by which to dress the world.

At the end of the day, being fashionable is all in the way you carry yourself. Youve seen enough fashion-forward personalities looking quite dreamy in what would have been a nightmare if worn by anyone else. But if youre not one of these rare beings gifted with a fierce sense of style and self-confidence, here are some of the hottest trends to hit the fashion world this summer season to clue you in:

Sizzling Shorts Hot pants are not for everyone, but if youre brave enough to try, then go for it girl! Take note that hot pants are not your everyday idea of “pants” at all. Having the word “hot” in its name serves to warn you that these articles of clothing are only to be worn by those who can handle the heat.

With hemlines riding up to shorter than short, these hot pants give you one more reason to hit the gym religiously. Pair it with a dainty billowy top, a simple loose tee, or another hot trend, the boyfriend blazer and chic heels to further elongate your legs.

From the Boys The boyfriend blazer is simply that: a slightly over-sized blazer that is meant to look like you borrowed it from the boys. Take note though, it may be over-sized, but it should not swallow your frame. Go for one size bigger, no more, no less. When choosing one, the shoulders should come no more than an inch and a half away from your own. Roll up the sleeves for an instant dose of relaxed cool.

Fashion Wars Hints of battle gear are all over the fashion world lately. From gladiator sandals to belts and buckles to military styles to tribal prints, it seems fashionistas are bracing themselves for a fashion war. If youd like to enlist yourself, remember that the key pieces are leather, metal, buckles, and strong shoulders. Top with unexpectedly feminine hair accessories in dark colors to add a few soft details to an otherwise masculine look.

Too Cute to be True From hot to boyish to downright mannish, this new summer trend takes you to the exact opposite direction: ultra-feminine. Hair accessories have come back with a vengeance. But if you think its back to the good ol prim and proper plain Janes with the plain bows, youre thankfully wrong!

This summer season, its all about being fun, quirky and free while still celebrating your femininity. Hair clips are no longer just cutesy baby gifts, big girls can wear them now too. Recently seen on the runways of Marc Jacobs, Diane von Furstenberg, Temperley and Luella, this is a trend thats definitely here to stay.

Its never easy to predict which trends are keepers and which are simply “flavor of the month.” These trends may be hot right now, but tacky next season. So how do you know which one to invest in? Invest in yourself. If you have a strong sense of self, whatever you wear will merely serve to complement your glowing personality. Still, what better way to complement your fun personality than with the seasons fun trends, right?