How to dress better

Many people especially for girls always try their best to make them look better. I adore many brands and it was just a flash in the pan perhaps. But my love to uggs uk has never changed. My favourite color is black which easily goes match all kinds of colors. A couple days ago I bought a pair of ugg boots black uk. That is pretty cool boots. Afterwards I started to look for some dresses for the boots. Some women sometimes get confused with how to dress themselves better. Here there are some points for you if you really love beauty. Just Learn Some Basics.

There are actually no hard-and-fast rules of fashion but most style authorities agree on a few basic principles no matter how cheap and tacky your clothes are. Now these are the four commandments of the fashion Bible:Always look neat and clean; Don’t overdo trends; Keep ultra-bright colors away from the face and ignore lame clichs

Always Look Neat and Clean.This is basic and most important point. Except for some special occasion, it’s best to keep your jeans unfrayed, your shirt unstained and your shoes unscuffed. Grunge is over, so live with it. Take good care of your clothes and make sure you follow the right directions .Polish your boots. De-fuzz your sweaters. Even if you can’t make yourself into the world’s most gentle dresser, you can always improve your appearance by looking well-kept.

Don’t Overdo Trends. Even if leopard print is “in.” In an effort to look oh-so chic, you go out and buy a hat, blouse, skirt, bag and shoes-all in leopard print. Bad move actually. It is common sense. No one would love to do like that. Similarly, don’t saturate your wardrobe with any single style or silhouette. So moderation is more important to us.

Keep Ultra-Bright Colors Away From the Face No matter what your skin tone looks like, you will not look good in a bright green sweater. No one is perfect so do not trust that you will look still pretty with every kinds of pattern and color. To choose what really fit you and ignore something all of people think ugly. That is simply wise choice.

Ignore Lame Clichs. You may often hear about something like “Don’t wear white after Labor Day.” “Make sure your shoes match your bag.” orr “Never pair stripes with plaid.” Well, we’re here to say that it’s all a bunch of hogwash. In today’s fashion trend the hardest thing is to be creative and open to new ideas. If this means ignoring old adages and overstepping traditional bounds, so be it.