Latest Trends In Fashionable Men’s Wear

The traditional Indian clothing has something for everyone. If one thinks that fashion is all about the women and the men and kids are left out, then one should think again. There are lots of stores and sites that sell fashionable mens wear and kids wear. All a man needs to do is to search the right places for the right things. The most popular among them are the kurtas and sherwanis and these are available for all occasions too. Moreover there are a lot of fusion clothes where the western outfit has been made out of the traditional Indian designs and fabrics. The shirts and jackets made out of Indian textiles are a great hit among the modern men.

The latest trend that the Indian fashion has thrown up is the use of jackets all round the year. This is not new to India as wearing jackets was always a part of dressing up. Not only the men, but the women also wear jackets with their salwar kameez and lehnga cholis. So a visit to any fashion blog that is telling about the latest trends in mens Indian fashion and it will surely make the suggestion to jackets. Interestingly the jackets team up well with the kurta and shirt alike. So it is a garment that can bridge the gap between the Indian and western wear.

However, the Indian men are not stuck to the Indian clothes only. They have adapted well to the western outfits like suits and T-shirts and they are always on the lookout for the latest fashion in these areas. The trendy T-shirts serve the dual purpose of providing comfort when wearing and also expressing the personality of the wearer with the various messages, designs and motifs that are displayed on it. The latest trend in T-shirts as well as other informal shirts is the photographic prints. There are also the good old Tees with their bold messages and the regular designs. The shirts made out of Indian fabrics which often fall under the category of very short kurtas are also ideal for informal wear with jeans and trousers. There you can have the option of various rich fabrics that the traditional Indian textiles have to offer.

A great time to show off the latest fashion trends, especially of the ethnic fashion are the wedding occasions. Indian wedding fashion is extremely rich in tradition and style. An Indian woman dresses up in her finest saree or lehnga cholis completed with matching jewelry in gold, silver and precious and semi precious stones. The men are not left far behind. Indian clothing has to offer them the sherwanis, pagris and tikkas to make up the complete attire. There is also jewelry for men and wearing ornaments by the men is a traditional fare in India. The sherwanis that are available in both the traditional and modern designs are the choice of the men. These days the richly embroidered sherwanis in all hues of the rainbow are becoming very popular among the men. They are often embellished with sequins and beads of various materials and colors. The traditional white, pearl, beige, brown and black are making way to the pinks, blues, greens and yellows and they are looking fabulous on the men.

Whatever be the occasion, formal, informal or wedding, the Indian male are living up to the latest trends in the world. Their fashion knowledgebase has widened and they are hungry for more. To cater to this hunger the various fashion houses are lining up their latest offerings. So anybody wanting to have a taste of the latest fashion will simply have to search these houses for the clothing they want.