Purses Through Time

Purses Through Time
Purses could be found in the Ice Age. Back in the Ice Age, they were used to carry weapons, coins, tools, and food, according to medium.com. Humans havent changed much in 18,000 years. To this day purses are used to store the same things!

Informationng.com writes that in different countries men used small pouches for similar activities. Ancient Egyptians carried small pouches around their waists, and medieval Europeans used handbags to carry seeds and other small purchases from the market to their homes.

Now, lets jump forward a couple thousand years to the 14th century. Youll find a history both fascinating and bizarre.

14th 18th century
During the 14th century, handbags were given to brides on their wedding day. Ornate, these differed from the drawstring bags used to carry coins, and the “hunting purses” Knights used. Wealthy women carried purses as an accessory for special occasions, and other women hid girdle pouches under their clothing, says informationng.com.

16th and 17th-century purses boasted some rather odd staples. Roses and herbs. Women carried these around to hide their body odor, says medium.com.

During the 18th century, many satchels were made from leather, and were black or brown.

19th century
Handbags during the 1900s were used by men to carry luggage. The bag was plain and only used for practical purposes. As time went on, new and more complicated designs were made for women. These had many pockets and fasteners.

Informationng.com mentions one outrageous fashion trend in the 1920s. During this time lighter clothing with differing hemlines came into style. Whether or not a purse matched a womans outfit was unimportant because of her constant companion, a doll dressed just like her, was all the style!

During the 1960s and 70s bills and coins were used for payments. Purses came with metallic fasteners and many compartments, which helped women find their money easier. Leather really took off at this time because of its durability and pleasant look, says medium.com.

After Europe introduced the first bank card in 1987 the look of purses began to morph into what we know now.

Present-day Purses
In the early 20th century, clothes became lighter, and bags became less about practicality and more about aesthetics. They became a means to express individuality and it was important they matched womens outfits.

21st-century purses come with credit card holders, vanity mirrors, and phone holders. Most women own at least two purses; one for daily needs and a smaller coin purse for fun nights out, according to medium.com. Far from the black and brown purses of the past, handbags come in a variety of bright colors, designs, and fabrics.

As the world shifts to a digital landscape, purses are now coming with RFID protection to secure information on chip-enabled cards, notes medium.com.

And innovation just keeps innovating.

Bigthink discusses the ways wearable technology has transformed purses. There are now bags available that can change colors using smartphones and “app-enabled” technology. These same purses charge cell phones so busy women can stay connected!

What will come next?