Select the Best One Piece Swim Suit for Your Body

Summer is heading our way, and if you are considering selecting a one piece swimsuit this year, you are in for a great treat! Although considered the more of the conservative swimsuit,the one piece suit is not longer considered boring.

Even though most people picture themselves in a one piece suit tend to see a maillot, this no longer has to be the case. The one piece swimsuit is now being designed racier and sexier than ever. Many fashionable women have been sporting in the one piece, rather than many of the “fashionable” two pieces available on the market today.

Making the one piece work for you is simple,but it is crucial that you select the right suit. By selecting the right design and color, the one piece can and will help you disguise your non-flattering areas better. Yes, you can disguise flaws with a good swimsuit! By getting the right swimsuit, you will increase your confidence when laying around the pool or strolling around at the beach.

Most one piece swimsuits today come with built in support. This is to avoid your breasts resembling a Baywatch babe having run about for too long with no support. Almost everyone knows that there is no suits as effective at smuggling a tummy than a one piece, but now that they are made with built in tummy control panels, it is even more effective. Talk about a breast lift and tummy job in one swimsuit!

None of these features will do much for you if you do not know your body. Knowing your body will enable you to correctly disguise your disliked features. Most of us tend to focus on our weak spots, instead of focusing on enhancing our strong features. To create the right look in swimwear means you are working towards a balanced silhouette. This can be done by drawing the eye away from the unbalanced bits, and then balancing the silhouette using colors and patterns. It sounds more complicated than it really is.

A quick example for the pear shaped lady (I know must of us are). Your body is considered bottom heavy and top light.
* Draw attention up towards your bust line using either detail on the bust like ruffles or frills, or try a halter neck type style.
* On the lower part opt for a higher leg cut. This not only makes your legs look longer but will help your thighs appear shapely instead of large.
* If you wave wobbly bits opt for a bold patterned suit. Should you have a large tummy look for one with built in panels and detailing down the middle or one side.
* Stick to lighter solid colors or conservative base colors only if you fall into the middleweight category.
* Try darker colors like navy, plum or black with patterns in bold colors if larger.

Keeping it simple will help you select the best one-piece swimsuit for your body type. With the right suit you can enjoy a fun sun-filled summer next to the pool or on the beach.