Short Curly Hairstyles For A Fresh Take On Your Curly Tresses

Women with curly hair are always looking for new short curly hairstyles. Sure, long curly hair is very pretty, but let’s face it. Women like to mix things up. We are known for growing out our hair and then chopping it off. And short hair is very in right now. And not to mention, very sexy!

Longer hair is often a burden for curls with girls. It tends to become weighed down the longer it gets and can be difficult to manage. You will notice that your curls are losing their bounce and are getting to be quite frizzy. Short curly hairstyles are a great way to add some lustre and oomph back to your lifeless curls!

And short curly hairstyles are so much fun! With all of the color options and new trendy hairstyles that are out there today you will be certain to find a hairstyle that tickles your fancy!

Girls with curly hair should take note to properly care for their curls, so they are healthy and happy. Don’t over wash your hair and avoid heat as much as possible. Use dry shampoos and leave in conditioner, as well as other hair products that are designed for curly hair. Never brush your hair and only use a wide-tooth comb when needed. Trim your curls every six to eight weeks to prevent dead ends.

So do you think you are ready for a shorter new style? Check out these short curly hairstyles and give it a go!

Sweet & Sassy Short Curly Hairstyles

  1. Messy, Red Ringlets

Red hair is always sexy and this pretty blend of dark and light auburn is no exception. The short cut is perfect for those with thick hair as it redefines the curls and gives them extra bounce. The red balayage hues add a lot of depth and dimension to this super cute cut.
To style, blow dry with a diffuser or simply scrunch with a good curling mousse and let your hair dry naturally, then tousle it with your fingers for that sexy behead look that is all the rage these days.

  1. Undercut Pixie with Shaved Sides

If you want more of an edgy look, this undercut pixie is super cute. Undercuts are very trendy right now, as are haircuts with shaved sides. This style is perfect if you have naturally curly hair as it added a ton of volume and height.

To style, apply a volumizing mousse and blow dry over to one side for a sexy side swept look.

The fun part about shaved cuts is you can get any design you wish. And you can mix them up and get a new design when it grows back!

If you are ready for a new look, why not try one of these short curly hairstyles today?