The best hair trends of all time

Hair is very important part of girls appearance, its the crown of her beauty. No matter how hard you have tried your make up to be perfect if your hair isnt shining with her glory than you arent complete. Times change, trends change also, so it is very important our hairdo to be fashionable. The right haircut and color can make you look younger or older; can make you look wild or cute. So if u dont know what it suits you than you can ask for a professional help and you will get the look you have been asking for, but if cant afford it we are going to give you some useful tips.Just because you’re 65, you don’t have to immediately sign up for a helmet hairstyle. In fact, a younger look and lighter color can take years off your face. And just because you’re 21, you don’t have to have long hair. You can do just about anything. Reading this you can find out what you can really get away with at age 20, 30, 40 and older.

Your 20s

This is the best time of your life to try out all types of haircuts and styles. Short hairstyles, done right, can make you look more mature (or like a kid) while long looks can be pretty and romantic. This is the right age when can you experiment with your length and color and worrying at all, cause in this age your hair will grow faster and thicker that in any time of your life. Hair color is the key of reinvention. If you had blonde hair as a kid, you’ll look great blonde now. Blessed with black hair? Try a lighter brown or red. But, beware of the wrong short cut. What you don’t want to look like is a stock “mom” character. Choose a short look that fits your age and the latest trends.

Your 30s

These are the years you may be starting a family or powering ahead in your career (or both). While you can get away with all sorts of styles at this age, you’ll want to pick a style that fits your lifestyle. Single in the city? Go for long, sexy waves. At home with a toddler or two? Skip the all-one-length long hair and try for a shoulder-length cut that can go in a ponytail during the day but with a curling iron or flat-iron can look great while out with your husband. Just because you’re a mom doesn’t mean you can’t be sexy. If you want the long, sexy locks, go for it. Just make sure you have the time to keep up your style. Don’t be afraid to go short. After all, you can always grow out your hair if you don’t like the short hair. Gray hairs popping up? Most women see a few strands of gray hair in the mid-to-late 30s. If you have just a few strands, ask your stylist to hand-paint the strands instead of applying a full head of color. But if more than a third of your hair is gray, go with full color and camoufl age gray hair in between coloring with hair mascara.

Your 40s

Believe it or not, you don’t have to go short in your 40s. In these years, your personality might drive your hairstyle. If you ooze sexuality, go for long, sexy waves. Funky and athletic? Opt for a short, sleek look that is as befitting to a 20-year-old as you. Take care of your hair. As you age, your hair will tend to get brittle. Treat your locks to a hot-oil treatment once a week and get your hair trimmed every 6 weeks. See the best hair products of all time. Layered hair is very flattering, flat hair isn’t. Give your hair body with layers, no matter your hair length. Go for color. If you’re blonde, try highlights. If you have dark hair, go for caramel highlights or go a shade or 2 lighter all over. Get the scoop on finding the perfect hair color for you.