Trend Spotting Modern Tees Keep Talking

Today’s t-shirts reveal more about you than their cotton threads could ever cover up. It’s not that they are cut differently or show any more skin than they have in the past. No, the tee shape is still the same old “T” shape. Rather, it’s the printed messages and sayings contained by these modern shirts that have changed – and changed profoundly. Tees no longer believe in giving others the silent treatment. Nowadays, when they’re feeling pissed or playful, you’ll know it!

Graphic t-shirts of today are stepping out of the wardrobe and into the spotlight. With your chest as their platform, tees are yelling, insulting, and joking their way into our hearts. These tees aren’t afraid to tell it like it is, and by doing so, they give us a glimpse into the twisted minds of others.

A funny or offensive shirt does more than just bring upon a laugh or an awkward stare, it reveals important information about your personality, your nature, your temperament.

There’s a reason why so many of these humor tees are seen in movies nowadays. They explain everything we need to know about a character’s personality without the narrator having to actually state it explicitly.

Really, you’d be hard pressed to find a cult-classic or modern college flick that doesn’t feature a main character wearing a tee with a cool catchphrase in a few scenes.

You’ve no doubt seen the gangsta parody shirt featuring the toilet paper roll and the catchphrase, “That’s How I Roll.” Or how about the infamous drunk character stumbling out of the bar at 3 am, wearing the now-famous “Friends Don’t Let Friends Dial Drunk” shirt? Shirts like these make a funny scene even funnier, all while drilling home the dramatic irony.

This casual fashion meets quasi-philosophy movement is the fastest growing trend in clothing industry.

Yes, we’ve quickly become a nation of walking billboards. One where a proper sartorial display of crude wit and urban sophistication can break the ice and gain you instant acceptance into the cool crowd.

It’s guerrilla marketing at its finest. And the only product you’re branding is you.

There are many hidden layers of your personality that are waiting to be revealed by the right choice of shirt. Choose wisely.

So make sure your next shirt says all the right things about you. Ditch the plain white and go for something with a crazy saying or hilarious slogan.