Update Your Summer Closet with DISH TV

Have you updated your summer closet yet? It is summer already. You need to buckle up and start shopping to make a nice wardrobe for the summer. If you are a fashion conscious lady, you may not need any assistance on what to buy and what to avoid. But if you are a wannabe fashionista then DISH TV is here to guide you through the risky and often changing world of fashion. With TV in your aid you can get the best fashion tips and become a fashion expert by yourself. Next time you walk into a party you can become the talking point and turn the fashionable gals out their turn green with jealousy.

Fashion keeps changing with time, season and year. What is hot for the fall season will not be in for the spring and summer. Similarly, the fall wardrobe is also a strict no no for spring winter. The winter wardrobe and the summer wardrobe are different as well. The colors, the fabric and the dress code all are a lot different from each other. For example, we wear a lot of natural fabric like cotton, silk and jersey fabric on summer and during winter we tend to wear heady fabrics like wool, cashmere and pashmina. During spring and fall we choose something that are not much heavy but can protect us from the changing weather. In summer and spring we tend to wear bright pastel shades while during fall and winter we stick to earthy and neutral tones. Fashion keeps changing from season to season and DISH TV brings you all the updates about the changing scenario.

Can you remember when tight fitting drainpipe pants and animal prints were in vogue? There are many such fashion trends that come and go in a regular basis. You can get those trends in one year but in the very next year the trends become quite pass. Yes, that is fashion; it is full of uncertainty and surprises. You can never tell which fashion trend is going to rock the summer season this year. But of course you can rely on the fashion experts and the trendsetters for the same. You can get to see a number of fashion related programs on DISH TV where the fashion experts will brief you about the current trends of fashion and will also give you tips on how to jazz up an ordinary dress into a fun summer outfit.

Not only the apparels, you can also learn the fashion trends about the accessories as well. You can get to learn about best summer shoes, bags, jewelries and perfumes in vogue. The fashion related programs on DISH TV bring you the best summer collection from the top fashion houses like Versace, Giorgio Armani, Christian Dior and much more. And do not forget the shoes from Prada and classy to gorgeous clutches and purses from Louis Vuitton. Even if you cannot make such expensive choices for fashion, you can still fake the look and settle for a cheaper option and keep your closet up to date. So get ready to get gorgeous this summer!