Women’s Dress Shoe Trends

A Brief History

Since the invention of the shoe, which one imagines was created more out of necessity than fashion, nothing else has been developed which can quite match its role as the quintessential wardrobe accessory. Gone are the days when styles and trends were unheard of concepts that were far outweighed by simple day-to-day survival. Thank goodness! The shoe now stands as one of the leading pieces of apparel in the fashion world. As this leader, it is safe to say that the options available in this market are staggering, at best. One has to only visit the shoe section of their nearest department store to understand that these fashion icons have exploded far past the point of their humble beginnings.

Current Trends and Recommendations

The impact of the shoe should never be underestimated because it has the capability of making or breaking a total look. We have all seen someone, perhaps even ourselves, who have found themselves with the wrong pair of shoes. The wrong shoes have the ability to destroy a great look. No one wants to be caught in that moment. This uncomfortable feeling can be avoided if time is invested into finding what today’s trends are. First step: find a brand of shoes that is going to give you this updated style, quality and comfort. Many women feel BeautiFeel Shoes fit these criteria. If you have not tried on a pair of BeautiFeel Shoes you absolutely should.

BeautiFeel Shoes have been around for over 15 years. These shoes keep up with the trends and styles of the day, but do so with a craftsmanship and flair that is difficult to duplicate. BeautiFeel Shoes are committed to bringing women quality products that are made not only with fashion trends in mind, but with comfort of the feet as well. BeautiFeel Shoes do not just follow trends, they deliver comfort too. Everyone has had one experience or more purchasing a great looking shoe that felt fine in the store only to get it home, wear it to work the next day and come home with painful feet. The solution to this predicament is to find BeautiFeel Shoes and try on a pair.

What To Look For

The trends with dress shoes now are varied and definitely lean toward the feminine side. There are the retro wedges of the 1970’s that scream for attention. The ballerina flats reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn are very popular and are a welcome relief for feet tired. Leather materials and luxurious fabrics are nowadays embellished with jewels, sequins, stones and crystals. Textures are big as well as creating contrast with different colors that makes the shoes stand out. Patent leather looks have returned and the classic use of animal prints is still in the forefront. Shoes with Mary Jane straps and the traditional T-strap are still going strong. Boots still remain a wardrobe essential and heel heights range from the ground up to 5 inch dress shoe types.

These are the 2007 shoe trends in the world of fashion. If a woman wants to stay in step with what is “in”, she should make a shoe purchase that is going to last. Quality merchandise that is comfortable is always in style, and to find these aspects she need look no further than the BeautiFeel Shoe brand. Their selection includes: varying heel heights of quality wrapped leather, dual texture looks in very stylish dress pumps, ballerina-style shoes that have trendy designs in animal prints, shoes with wedge heels, and boots that are guaranteed to keep you in style. They truly have it all. The best thing is a woman can wear these knowing that her feet will still feel fresh and comfortable after wearing these built to last shoes. A shoe company that presents this type of shoe to the fashion world is one worth looking into.